Fuel: this supermarket announces the return of “cost price”, from Thursday evening for the crossover weekend

Faced with rising fuel prices, brands are increasing seduction operations. If Total tries the price charged at the pump in some stations, the supermarkets have also developed their own technique. Thus, the Casino will offer full for €0.85 per liter throughout the summer. As for Leclerc, they chose to renew the operation “value price”. And this is between July 28 and 30, 2022.

Fuels: good news for motorists

At this time when refueling is costing us more and more, hearing about lower prices is always a pleasure. In fact, from the evening of Thursday July 28, 2022, Leclerc will offer a discount on fuel prices.

This operation called “cost price” lasts the whole week of the crossover. That is, until July 30. Because announce the good newsthe group led by Michel-Edouard Leclerc issued a statement on Monday July 25, 2022.

“To protect the purchasing power of the French, E. Leclerc announces that fuel will once again be at the cost price of 696 service stations”, indicates the sign.

This is good news unfortunately accompanied by a bad. In fact, the brand also warned its customers that this operation could be the last of its kind.

“Despite a context of inflation and rising energy prices, a climate law measure provides for the prohibition of advertising related to fossil fuels from August 22,” concluded the brand.

Total lowers the price of gasoline

Leclerc is not the only brand present reduced the price of the pump. TotalEnergies has also downsized itself. In this context of extremely high fuel prices, the oil giant is trying for motorists. So, he announced a rebate on the fuels purchased within its motorway stations.

The reduction is 12 euro cents since July. However, the oil giant is studying the possibility of bringing this reduction to 20 euro cents per liter. This reassessment must occur at the beginning of the school year. In other words, from September 1 next.

The government did not frustrate the effort of TotalEnergies. However, some communities regret the fact that this discount is not valid than the motorway network. In fact, the service stations are located outside the roads not affected through these operations.

The French oil group has similar signs that this will change soon. Between September and November, motorists will be able to take advantage of discounts at all service stations in the group. Of course, this discount collected at 18 cents per liter provided by the state.

The casino offers refueling at €0.85 per liter

In addition to TotalEnergies and Leclerc, Casino has also come up with an idea to encourage you to fill it. To do this, the brand will offer one of your fill with € 0.85 per liter. This, of course, will be done under certain conditions.

To take advantage of this offer, you must go to a Casino store. This operation takes place on certain dates. This happens all the time on weekends and holidays. See you at the Casino on the right date. If you are already there, don’t expect to come and fill up and go home having already paid for your fuel at 0.85 euros per liter.

To take advantage of this offer, you need to spend up to 120 euros inside the supermarket. The discount will be redeemed at reception for proof of your expenses that day. If you have already obtained the right to take advantage of this offer, remember that the authorized volume for this “full” is 40 liters. Above this limit, you have to pay Prices do not include promotions.

In closing, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, made an impression this week in the National Assembly. In fact, the tenant of Bercy produced a scenario that could lead us to a price of 1.50 euros per liter next school year. Even if it seems far-fetched, we ask you to believe it! A miracle is always possible.

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