Extreme temperatures: a heat wave until October, more extreme episodes in the Mediterranean… why Mediterranean warming is worrying

Spanish meteorological experts predict that heat waves will continue this year beyond summer, until October.

AEMET, the Spanish meteorological agency, warned that heat waves in Spain could continue throughout the summer and last until October. The coming months will be very dry and the risk of rain is very low, except on the Mediterranean coast.

Up to five degrees above the usual values ​​of today

This anomaly is due, among other things, to the high temperature of the Mediterranean Sea, which has unique records recorded by marine weather stations. In large areas of the western Mediterranean, temperatures are up to five degrees above normal values ​​for the second half of July.

And this rise in water temperature is not over yet. with the risk of a substantial increase in the minimum temperature in the coming weeks, especially in areas close to the Mediterranean, as well as greater humidity.

on the other hand, according to the meteorological site Météo-Paris, the abnormally warm waters of the Mediterranean this year 2022 are likely to increase the intensity of these episodes. In fact, the warmer the sea water, the more the air above it is filled with humidity. So there is a risk of encountering particularly active periods in the Mediterranean in the fall. However, let’s remember that a depression context is needed to trigger a Mediterranean episode.

That’s why specialists also predict that cold events may occur more often with heavy periods of rain because high sea temperatures cause the formation of “very strong” clouds.

The heat waves until October was also confirmed by the spokesperson of AEMET the Spanish meteorological agency, Cayetano Torres. “It is highly likely that this is the case. Forecasts suggest that high temperatures will also be recorded in October.

More worryingly, there is very little chance of rain, except for the Mediterranean coast, where normal levels of rain are expected. “This is bad news because we will continue to be at risk of fires. We expect dry to very dry weather in most of Spain”continued the AEMET spokesperson.

AEMET_Madrid: Pronóstico de thermal anomaly for resto del verano. Places called Menos mal qu’nos queda in Portugal. pic.twitter.com/N0m0687nYo

— MeteoEnsanche #EnsancheSur #Alcorcón\u26a0\ufe0f (@EnsancheMeteo) July 25, 2022

On the other hand, the temperatures expected in the next few days are very similar to those recorded last week, with a maximum of more than 40 ° C and the orange alert level is ordered in areas such as the center and the south half of the peninsula.

In Madrid, according to the National Meteorological Agency, a maximum temperature of 39 ° C is expected at the end of this week, with a minimum temperature that does not drop below 22 ° C. Even higher temperatures are expected. °C next Sunday. In other provinces such as Badajoz or Córdoba, a maximum of 41°C will also be exceeded.

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