Denitsa Ikonomova was not included in Dancing with the stars: she confirmed and cracked the Web, “tight in the heart”!

Le Parisien revealed who will be the judges of the show’s 12th season “Dancing with the Stars”. Fans will notice that Denitsa Ikonomova is not one of them. To confirm this, the dancer shared a touching message on his Instagram account. In the message, he expressed his feelings before this departure. We tell you everything.

“Dancing with the stars” season 12

A few days ago, Le Parisien revealed information on the 12th season of “Dancing with the stars”. In this new season of preparation, fans of the show see new faces among the jurors.

Chris Marques, the emblematic judge of the show is another member of the jury. A place he has held since the first season. Next to him is François Alu, the star of the Paris Opera. This last made his entrance in the show last year.

Spread the production Denitsa Ikonomova and Jean-Paul Gaultier for introduce two new stars dance. This season, Bilal Hassani will make his debut with the judges of the show. As a reminder, his impressive performances in season 11 he was taken to the final.

Dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot will also be part of the jury of 12th edition of “DALS”. As for the candidates, the TF1 channel has not yet revealed information on the subject.

Denitsa Ikonomova, the star of the show

The dancer is part of the program “Dancing with the stars” since 2012. From Bulgarian-Canadian origin, Denitsa Ikonomova 35 years old. Passionate about ballroom dancing, he has already won the title of Latin dance champion from Bulgaria.

In 2012, Denitsa Ikonomova became a permanent dancer in the program broadcast by TF1. During his participation in the show, he won first place 4 times. His first victory in 2014 while he was with Rayane Bensetti.

He went on to win the cup for two consecutive years. First in 2015, with Loïc Nottet and in 2016 with Laurent Maistret. His fourth victory was in 2018 when he danced with Clément Rémiens.

For season 11, the production honored her to be part of the show’s jury. Only afterwards 10 years participation in “Dancing with the stars”, Denitsa Ikonomova bowed.

Denitsa Ikonomova, saddened by his departure

On Saturday July 23, the subscribers of pretty morena received confirmation when he left the show. In fact, the young woman wrote a message on his Instagram account.

“It is with a heavy heart that I confirm that unfortunately I will not be a part of season 12 of Dancing with the Stars,” he began.

Presented by Denitsa Ikonomova his recognition towards the production of TF1. The show gave him a chance to show what he could do. For a young woman, “Dancing with the stars” changed his life.

“I blossomed in 8 wonderful seasons as a dancer, coach and choreographer with 8 wonderful people. he wrote

The young woman confides that she has had wonderful encounters. she thanked the attendees for their unconditional support and thoughtful attention. The dancer writes that these movements have “too big” touched.

He explained that the public support gave him confidence. This allows him to have the required strength with “Accept the challenges that life has given me, including being a judge on Dancing with the Stars in my ninth season”.

Denitsa Ikonomova wishes all the best to the judges and new contestants in the show.

The butterfly flies

In her post, Denitsa Ikonomova assured her fans, saying “we will not leave”. A sentence that suggests that his fans will see him againbut in other projects.
Apart from her dance career, the beautiful brunette has started an acting career. He has participated in filming films and series.

Denitsa Ikonomova has already shown her talent as a singer in the show “Mask Singer”. As a reminder, the beautiful brunette disguised herself as a butterfly in the third season of Mask Singer. He even won the competition.

As he said in his message, “Papillon must fly to new horizons”. His fans will soon see him again for more surprises and adventures!

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