After the Naples of the mafia, the creators of “Gomorra” attacked the dark side of Venice

On Canal+, “Ayaw Ko Pagbiyai” dives into the troubled waters of Venice. With this series of pedophile crimes, Maddalena Ravagli and Leonardo Fasoli, already authors of “Gomorra” and “ZéroZéroZéro”, continue to explore the Italian underworld. See you.

Made by Maddalena Ravagli and Leonardo Fasoli, the screenwriters of Gomorrah (the series inspired by Roberto Saviano’s investigation of the Neapolitan mafia) and ZeroZeroZero (a dive into the cogs of the world cocaine traffic, again according to Saviano), don’t leave me once again examines Italian society. But to reveal a lesser known face. The discovery of the body of a boy in the lagoon of Venice has triggered an investigation there aimed at breaking up a vast network of pedophiles prevalent on the Web. The opportunity for Elena, an investigator specializing in violence against minors, to return to the town of the Doges, where she grew up, and to face a past where she still carries the wounds. Behind the postcard image hides a black Venice, the scene of violent crimes. Joint interview with the creators of the series.

In your previous series, you worked with criminal organizations and drug trafficking, why did you choose this time to deal with cyberpedophilia?

Maddalena Ravagli: When we started looking at the dark web and cyberpedophilia, this criminal field is still unknown. Its repulsive dimension forces us to warn viewers of the danger it represents by emphasizing the need for avoidance. In particular in the social networks where our children have evolved and where we also expose them by posting photos that however do not seem to harm us. While this amount of putting them on display!

Vittoria Puccini plays Elena Zonin, child crime specialist.

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Once again you dive into a dark universe…

Leonardo Fasoli: The dark side of people fascinates us. No doubt because it is so present in Italian society that there are organizations like the Mafia. What we want to explore are the reasons why individuals to give in to the worst inclinations of human nature.

“We are conducting an investigation into pedophile crimes in Italy.” Leonardo Fasoli

At this time, you have not adapted a book. How do you work?

LF: This project is different from the previous ones because the context is not the same and the subject is not a criminal organization as structured as Gomorrah, for example. But the method is the same, we try to understand how this criminality works. Before starting to write, we conducted an investigation on pedophile crimes in Italy. And, like the previous series, everything we say is true.

For the character of the policewoman (Vittoria Puccini), screenwriter Maddalena Ravagli was inspired by her own journey.

For the character of the policewoman (Vittoria Puccini), screenwriter Maddalena Ravagli was inspired by her own journey.

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don’t leave me mainly on the shoulders of a hero, how do you build it?

MR: It was important for us to draw a female character who is capable of her job, but also vulnerable. Elena gave everything to her work (the fight against pedophile networks) and, at the same time, she suffered from the wounds of a heavy trauma. In the end, his past shapes him as much as the choices he makes every day. The two don’t necessarily go together well. Herein lies its universal dimension.

Do you have references in mind while writing?

MR: When we write, we never consider existing films or series on the subject we are dealing with. It is also one of the first things we teach the students we give dramaturgy lessons. We encourage them to use their own research and personal experiences to design their characters. on Don’t Leave Me, Elena was also taken care of during my journey. I was born in a small town in the north of Italy, which I left suddenly, at the end of high school, unlike most of the people I grew up with and who stayed there. That being said, if one really needs to think in terms of references, I believe so Sharp Objects is the first that comes to mind. In a way, this series is crossed by a wave with the same soul.

Daniele Vianello (Alessandro Roja) and Elena Zonin (Vittoria Puccini) are ready to uncover the dark secrets of the city of Doges.

Daniele Vianello (Alessandro Roja) and Elena Zonin (Vittoria Puccini) are ready to uncover the dark secrets of the city of Doges.

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You chose to show Venice in an unusual way…

MR: Venice is known all over the world. But we Italians don’t just see her through the prism of her beauty. The city is also made of sadness and grief. In a suspended atmosphere. And then, it also brings out a certain weakness. Rising water is a real threat to its very existence. It is not excluded that it will disappear forever. In the series, Venice isn’t just a setting, it’s a character in its own right.


q Don’t Leave Me, produced by Maddalena Ravagli and Leonardo Fasoli, Italy, 8 × 55 min. From Monday July 25 at 9:10 pm on Canal+ and MyCanal.

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