Yaël (12 strikes at noon) is eliminated before the next mysterious star!

TF1 will launch a new week of 12 noon shots on Monday July 25, 2022. Yaël will return his master star at noon from 11:50 am

The shots at 12 noon focus on the continuation of Yaël’s journey. The stretcher-bearer, from Alençon in the Orne, began his 22nd participation in the show with 59,600 euros in earnings. He returned his master star at noon against three new candidates. Yaël escaped elimination by winning all her duels against Inès, Kadda and Lisa.

Yaël continued to reign with 12 blows at noon

Jean-Luc Reichmann reserved five questions for his champion. The correct answers follow. Yaël won a masterstroke of 10,000 euros, which he shared with a viewer. This is an opportunity for him to reveal the new boxes of the mysterious summer star. The final episode of 12 noon shots was offered to Harrison Ford without success.

Jean-Luc Reichmann treats TF1

The 12 noon shots, which aired on TF1 between 11:53 am and 12:46 pm, was appreciated by 2.79 million viewers. The private channel topped the audience with a 33.7% market share among viewers aged 4 and over. Jean-Luc Reichmann afforded the luxury of emphasizing his supremacy with a net gain of 1.6 points compared to Sunday July 17.

Laurence Boccolini competes in Les 12 coups de midi with Everyone wants to take his place. The game show, produced by Effervescence for France 2, brought in 1.28 million viewers between 12:01 pm and 12:51 pm

Its market share is 14.8% of viewers aged 4 and over. A score decreased by 0.4 points compared to Sunday July 17.

Yaël, from 12 Coups de Midi, has the right to look elsewhere: his surprising revelation about his relationship

Jean-Luc Reichmann hosted the program 12 Coups de midi for many years. A program that is universally appreciated by the audience, especially thanks to the masters of the south, all more attractive than others, including one that reveals a unique transformation.

In the last few weeks, Yaël has been winning victories and sharing her secrets. Thursday July 21, 2022, his partner Morgane cried when she saw that Keen’V arrived suddenly. I am one of his biggest fans, he said, very moved to find himself in front of him. I’ll kiss him, the singer answered before turning to Yaël: It’s a friendly kiss, don’t worry!.

The concerned principal ensures that he is on the list of authorized persons. We have a list of four or five people. And then, when Hélène looks at me. Faced with misunderstanding, the host determined that it was Hélène from the Mystery of love. Is Hélène Rollès on your list? But who else is there? asked Jean-Luc Reichmann, who talked about his worst memory of the show.

Well, there’s Vanessa Paradis, Winona Ryder, he continued before adding that she might be eliminated and that the adventure might stop for her because Morgane’s life is successful.

Yaël: the noble declaration of his wife Morgane

Yaël continued his career in the program 12 Coups de Midi. The candidate for Jean-Luc Reichmann’s game show has a series of victories and can count on the presence of his wife and children every day. Well surrounded, her kitten continues to multiply and, very proud of her, Morgane wants to make a beautiful statement to her on Sunday July 17, 2022.


After answering a series of five questions, the master of the afternoon won the 10,000 euros at stake and thus increased his kitty to 114,800 euros. Faced with this new feat, Yael was deeply moved, as was Morgane. I don’t really care. More than I expected, he said before talking to the man who was his equal in life.

I love you so much, my love. I am very proud of you, he said. A gesture of tender love that deeply touches the main character: I love you too. Thanks, baby, she replied before kissing him and winking. Words that made him happy.

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