Near Toulouse, this city has launched a bundle offer of electric bikes at knockdown prices

The French manufacturer Neomouv offers two models to the residents of Balma at a lower cost than the market, as part of a call for tenders launched by the City (©Neomouv)

After the mosquito traps and the communal mutual, the City of Balmat the gates of Toulousejust finished the third procedure group buying : the townspeople can afford it bicycles electricity cheaper.

Up to 500 euros savings per bike

The procedure launched by the municipality at the end of 2021 is apparently a great success for the residents: “Almost 400 households expressed their interest”, announced the mayor Vincent Terrail-Noves, especially since some can also order multiple copies. This great interest from Balmanais allowed the municipality to obtain “a favorable price”.

The (Renaissance related) mayor of Balma was happy to get it “Attractive negotiated rates” for his constituents, who can save up to 490 euros by bicycle. A real “initiative in favor of purchasing power”, delighted the first magistrate.

“During the election campaign, we made moves to households to preserve purchasing power, following the non-increase of local taxes, which we have continued in Balma for eight years. In this logic that we have positioned ourselves in different buying groups, especially to allow people to equip themselves with electric assisted bicycles at a reduced cost”.

Vincent Terrail-NovesMayor of Balma

Selection criteria

After the tender, four candidates knocked on the door of Balma town hall. “Our selection was made on different criteria”, the mayor said: “The reduction that was obtained compared to the price of the public, but also the fact that the bicycles made in france, and that the provider has inventory, because many Balmanais rushed for us to put it in place! “. The municipality also said that it makes a point of choosing “quality products”.

Which manufacturers and models are selected?

At the end of this trying time, he turned to French society Neomov. Installed in the Pays de la Loire, it will offer Balmanais two models, from two different ranges. Each is available in two sizes and three different colors.

Offered at a retail price of €1,539, a first model, with a motor on the rear wheel, but already a 468 watt / hour luggage rack battery and an adjustable stem, negotiated with the city of €1,199.

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A second model, longer, with a crankset motor, suspension fork, and Bluetooth connectivity, usually sells for €2,289, here is offered to €1,799.

“We got a big reduction of more than 20% on the public price”.

Vincent Terrail-Noves
Here are the two models offered by NeoMouv ​​​​​​to the residents of Balma, as part of the call for tenders
Here are the two models proposed by Neomouv to the residents of Balma, as part of the call for tenders (©City of Balma)

With help, “almost half the price”

If this set no way test, residents who subscribe to it can also claim aids placed in the area of ​​Toulouse Métropole (a “bike bonus” of up to 250 euros) and in the Occitanie Region (a mobility eco-check of 200 euros) for the purchase of an electric assistance bicycle, subject of course to fulfilling the eligibility conditions set by local authorities, these two measures are allocated according to income. “On arrival, the price of the bike will be almost halved it is very encouraging”, Vincent Terrail-Novès rejoiced.

The bikes were delivered… within eight days!

Balmanais should be able to test them during the moving week in September, said the mayor. But for those in a hurry, it is now possible to order bicycles on the dedicated page of the Neomouv site, where residents can choose the model, color and size on their two wheels. Some may even “go on holiday with their new bikes”, smiles Vincent Terrail-Novès. Because after the order, the delivery expected” usually within eight days, and both wheels will be collected from a distributor approved by the brand, in Toulouse.

And if Toulousains thinks to take advantage of the offer, it’s not luck: it’s necessity lives in Balma, and provide proof of residency in the municipality.

A 3 million euro bicycle plan in Balma

Balma and its 17,000 souls also want to change gears in terms of developing cycle paths, according to Vincent Terrail-Novès, who shares his “willingness to develop soft mobility”. Apart from the axes planned in the Metropolis under the Express Bike Network, the City has actually allocated 3 million euros to its bike plan. He wants the city to wear in the future “a little bit more face on the road, in the spirit of what we did in Lake Saint-Clair”, explained the mayor.

A new bundled offer… on gas and electricity

Initially, the town hall of Balma also planned to continue a group to buy the electric scooterbut it did not work: “We put it in the question that we presented to the inhabitants, but the interest of the people of Balman for this means of transportation became very low and we would not have had enough leverage. to negotiate favorable prices, ” added Vincent Terrail-Novès.

This type of approach is likely to develop further in this city where the mayor surrounds himself with an elected official who oversees procurement groups. He has already announced that new procedures will be launched, especially on a major topic of concern at the moment: the price of strength. In the same “concern for the preservation of purchasing power and ecological transition”, Balma is actually working on a set of offers for the gas and electricity.

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