Five children’s authors that are perfect for children to discover

Children’s literature is a particularly dynamic sector, multiplying the possibilities of discovery for new or confirmed readers. But how do you orient yourself among all the stories, novels, albums, historical fiction or series to find the titles that will appeal to your child? The works of these authors and illustrators, which are important today for young audiences, offer many ways to begin the journey.

Beatrice Alemagna

This author and illustrator was born in Bologna. Cradle of the adventures of Pippi Longstocking and the novel Baron Perche, by Italo Calvino, Beatrice Alemagna decided at the age of 8 to become a painter and author of books. What he has completely succeeded in doing is about fifty published books, including many translated my lovewhich is published in Helium.

his album A big day on the left, by Albin Michel jeunesse, awarded several times, portrays a child who is forced to go out in the rain instead of playing his video game. We see there the “melted” style of Beatrice Alemagna, where the materials seem to blend, while providing comfort and texture. Spikes of bright colors seem to light up his illustrations.

Album presentation A big day on the left when it was released in 2016.

His books are considered objects with layers, collages, atypical formats and sometimes very little text, but leave a lot of room for interpretation by the adult reader and the child listening. His last book Goodbye Snow White revisits the story that leaves the floor to the mother-in-law in all her cruelty, her ambivalence and her pain. The subject matter always has multiple levels of reading which makes his work accessible to many ages and allows for different interpretations.

Marie-Aude Murail

Member of the “Charter of Youth Authors and Illustrators” and decorated with many prizes including the prestigious “Prix Hans Christian Andersen”, awarded to her in 2022, Marie-Aude Murail is one of the pillars of French children’s literature. .

He was born in 1954 in Le Havre, in a family of artists. Later, when asked “How do you become a children’s author?”he replies: “We became so by chance and we remain so by conviction.” Most of his work, published in L’École des loisirs, is aimed at teenagers. He gets closer to their world and brings the characters to life that they can identify with, with a pendulum movement between recognition and projection, to imagine other possibilities and other horizons. He supports the idea that the audience should feel that he loves his characters and his readers.

The School of Recreation

Among his most famous novels, such as Oh son! (2000), homely (2004), Long live the Republic! (2005) or Miss Charity (2008), the series follow each other: Emilian (1989-1992), Nils (1991-1998) and Malo de Lange (2009-2012) conquering the hearts of teenagers, and the spypublished by Bayard since 2001, that of young readers.

now, Savior and Sonaround a psychologist who helps troubled youth, is in its seventh season, the second part of the comic book adaptation of Miss Charitywhich tells the adventures of a little girl full of curiosity in the good English society of the XIXe century, will soon appear and the police investigations on the streets of Le Havre (written with his brother Lorris) are now three: Angie, remember september and So why not a hotel?.

Jean-Claude Mourlevat

Recommend reading books for young people by Jean-Claude Mourlevat, are they original? This former German teacher, worked in the theater as a translator and director, translated into twenty languages ​​as well as Braille, awarded the prestigious Astrid-Lindgren Prize in 2021, enjoys an international reputation.

Many adults have read to their children and grandchildren, or had their students read, some of his memorable books. At the end of primary, we can read The Child of the Searewriting through transposition into the contemporary era of Tom Thumb by Perrault, combined specialists talk about “contamination”, when one interweaves several literary sources in memories of Hansel and Gretel, by Brothers Grimm. But the author’s true genius lies elsewhere. This changed Faulkner’s exploitation of his polyphonic novel While I was dying. Mourlevat writes in the silences of Perrault’s story, he gives voice to all the characters, including, in a virtuoso way, all the brothers of this quiet little Poucet.

Some remember having to re-read the chapter on the conflict of oaths in successive nights. The Ballad of Cornebique to their children who stamped with joy and rushed to use these old and delicious insults.

Gallimard Youth/Folio Junior

The new novel Jefferson, intended for children aged 9 and up, deals with serious topics, with nuances, and a tonal agility that allows you to go from the most terrifying suspense to outright laughter. or subtle humor. The story begins after the murder of a hairdresser, a badger named Edgar, in which the hero, Jefferson, a young hedgehog, is accused. The investigation, launched with his friend, the pig Gilbert, to escape the miscarriage of justice, is the cause of the plot. This is only related to the animal cause in the second step: it turns out that the victim is secretly campaigning for this cause, criticizing the way animals suffer in slaughterhouses.

The dialogues between the characters are worth their weight in gold, especially thanks to the repeated use of these animal characters in human expressions, the figurative meaning comes to double the literal meaning. So the “old goat” is an old goat, a judge’s wife…

Claude Boujon

Claude Boujon was also a painter, sculptor and puppeteer. Author and illustrator, he is one of the key figures for young audiences, of kindergarten age. What is remarkable, in the texts as in the drawings, is their simplicity, combined with great expressiveness. It’s all in the posture, the look, the onomatopoeia.

His universe is extremely rich and deceptively easy, because to enter a Claude Boujon album is to enter literature, to pass through a small door to open the relationships between the characters, to the power of words, to the reader’s questions. This is the fox staring, straight in the eye, on the cover of Good appetite Mr Fox.

The School of Recreation

Insults trigger a quest, often with humor: “Once upon a time there was a young wolf who didn’t know he was a wolf”on The apprentice wolfemphasis “When the Ratatouille witch compared herself to the magazine photo, she thought she was ugly”on Ah! good soups.

With Claude Boujon, it’s about living together, like the separationdelicious story of the neighborhood, and the the intruderwhere the Ratinos face a “flesh mountain”. There is also a question of books, on Great bookand on The Perched Toadwhere the hero “can spend whole days with his nose in a book”. One of his funniest texts, The blue chairis the story of a friendship and an ode to imagination because “A chair is magic. We can change it.”

Susie Morgenstern

Born in the United States in 1945, writing since the late 1970s, Susie Morgenstern is an important author of children’s literature. His works are moving and complex. Having written many for elementary school-aged readers, in recent years he has turned to a more mature audience with texts of teenage desire such as touch mepublished in 2020, or technology and intergenerational relations in [email protected].

His most iconic works are aimed at readers aged 8 to 12 with The sixth, Joker, Love letters from 0 to 10or The two sides of friendship. While the first two books focus on school, the last two on the list are beautiful reflections on love and friendship between generations and between religions.

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