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This Saturday night, the Girondins de Bordeaux played perhaps, in the total indifference of a heavy camera, the last game of their long and glorious history within the professional sphere of French football. The 2-1 victory against the mediocre Real Union Irun does not make us forget the terrible news that fell to the club with a scapular, suspended from the decision of the CNOSF whether or not to stay in Ligue 2, and which caused great concern in the city .from the port of the Moon.


On a Saturday in July, it is 2 pm and rue Sainte-Catherine, the historic artery of Roman Burdigala, is full to the brim on this day of the great summer sale. In the crowd, you might think you will see many navy, white or even red tunics, all adorned with the same scapular proudly sitting on the chests of the supporters showing a “sacred union” in reaction to the disaster that fell. in the biggest sporting monument in the city. However, in fact, the only shirts we have seen are those of the major European teams, especially appealing to a younger generation who have not known much of the glory days of FC Girondins de Bordeaux.

“Since the decision of the DNCG, I have been sad. I can’t accept the idea of ​​seeing my club slowly going out and doing nothing…”
Clarisse, desperate student

Destruction and Great Consequences

In front of the club store, passers-by mostly refused to talk about the subject, often after flat excuses citing lack of time, but always with the same shifting gaze and face of fear. Frédéric, 40 years old and a fan of UBB (the local rugby club), finally gave up: “This is a disaster for the city. The Girondins are stakeholders in the local and national sporting heritage, and we hope they stay in Ligue 2. A good speech, shared by many local actors, starting with the mayor Pierre Hurmic (EELV), who made this file a political event in which the Minister of Sports himself should speak.

The search, however, turns out to be there: according to the decision of the CNOSF expected on Monday or Tuesday, the end of a process of agreement between the club and the FFF, the Girondins may find themselves banned from French professional football. Their supporters are very angry. “Since the decision of the DNCG, I have been sadsaid Clarisse, a 20-year-old student and supporter of the club since she was a child. I can’t accept the idea of ​​seeing my club go out slow and powerless… This club is absolutely my whole life! »

It is also about the lives of 300 employees, and a female group that “pays for the sporting setbacks of her male counterpart” blow Thibaud, maker of the ScapGirondines Twitter page. Indeed, the Bordelaises, third in D1 last year and on the verge of qualifying for their first group stage of the Champions League in September, ended the season with a soft stomach in the championship, overwhelmed by the lack of interest shown for them of a Gérard Lopez who, when he was still the owner of LOSC, had the Mastiff females brought down to D2. “Since the elimination from the Champions League, the team has fallen apartThibaud continued. Many are anonymous, while they honor the navy and white jersey… Shameful! »

“We hope to play next Saturday against Valenciennes. » David Guion

A hidden concern within the club itself

But inside the club, the time is not to think about what has been done well or not. Priority was given to saving the club. After the victory obtained this Saturday in a friendly, the coach, David Guion, tried to show some kind of confidence: “I’m the same as you, I don’t know anymore. We are optimistic and we hope that it will lead to the Federation to play next Saturday against Valenciennes. » An answer that contradicts the mask seen on the faces of some employees when asked this question. Anxiety or helplessness? It is difficult to decide, but nevertheless, many want to be optimistic: “Because of the elements presented, there is no reason to worry. CNOSF is now in the club fair. , thought Antho, a 32-year-old supporter. One thing is certain, FC Girondins de Bordeaux, an institution whose football section was created in 1919, will experience one of the most important weeks in its history. At the end of this one, he has, whatever happens, to start a reconstruction, more or less long, to find the place that belongs to the French footballing scene.

By Emmanuel Hoarau, of Bordeaux
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