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Netflix’s summer action movie The Gray Man pits Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans against each other in an epic chase around the world. Knowing that the feature film is adapted from a literary series, is a sequel planned?

Warning, spoilers. It is suggested that you see the movie The Gray Man before continuing to read the article.

Available from July 22 on Netflix, The Gray Man is the new film from the Russo Brothers, to whom we owe two Captain America films and two Avengers films in the Marvel universe. This action movie follows the journey of CIA agent Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling), who was recruited to become a hitman.

His kindness and extraordinary skills make him one of the best agents whose code name is “Gray Man”. But the situation changes when he finds compromising information for the American intelligence services. He was then hunted by the CIA and Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a former CIA sidekick, is absolutely determined to track him around the world to eliminate him.

In addition to hunting around the world, the Sierra Six must do everything to save and protect its recruiter Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton) and his niece Claire (Julia Butters). Despite some disappointments, the Sierra Six came out of it thanks to a deal with the CIA, which made it to blame for the death of Lloyd Hansen.

Imprisoned, the Sierra Six managed to free Claire, who was being held hostage, and the couple flew to other lands for an unknown future. Unless Netflix offers a sequel to The Gray Man. Which would be entirely possible.


The Gray Man, a franchise?

You must already know that The Gray Man is adapted from the novel of the same name Mark Greaney, an action specialist who made a name for himself with this book which later became a successful literary series. The author has written eleven novels in the series since 2009 – and the twelfth will be released in 2023 – so there will be plenty to continue the cinematic adventure.

And it seems that this is the will of Netflix and the directors Anthony and Joe Russo. The duo really trusted Empire that he is already considering making a sequel to the film and expanding the universe of The Gray Man:

“We don’t really want to jinx each other, but we’re already thinking about what’s going to happen next. We like to build worlds, and we like to put the odds on our side and put our energy and time in a universe before releasing it.allows for more relevant and organic ideas. This is how you create a more complex mosaic story. We are deeply involved in all of this.

For Joe Russo, “the goal is to make The Gray Man 2” : “We have a hell of an appetite and the goal is always to do more than we can.”


The duo also confirmed this intention during the world press conference of The Gray Man, where AlloCiné was present. Joe Russo revealed that they want to do more adventures in The Gray Man universe:

“Part of our motivation for putting together a cast like this, an amazing cast like this that can portray so many interesting characters, is the hope of creating a kind of universe that you all want to follow, in the future. or in the past. , from the timeline that we chose in that first movie. So yeah, hopefully there are more stories to be told in the world of The Gray Man.”

So the Russo brothers are ambitious, but it’s a challenge they’re up to. They made Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which were among the biggest box office hits of all time. With Netflix, they boxed the most expensive film in the history of the platform with a budget of 200 million dollars.

It remains to be seen if The Gray Man will be a success on Netflix and if the success will be important enough for the American giant to give the Russo brothers the green light for a possible sequel. But with such a budget, it seems that the platform is betting big on The Gray Man, which will be a huge franchise for it and its millions of subscribers.

Netflix is ​​also planning a big marketing campaign for the film, like any big blockbuster that will be released in theaters, like a Marvel. This was suggested by Joe Russo on New York Times : “It’s a really big promotion. We’re doing a world tour to promote the movie. The actors are joining us. It’s very similar to the work we’ve done promoting the Marvel movies.”


Faced with heavy competition and a significant loss of subscribers, Netflix is ​​looking for its successful franchise. This is what Matthew Thunell, one of the leaders of the platform, explained in an interview Reuters :

“We want our own Star Wars or Harry Potter, and we’re working hard for it. But it’s not going to happen overnight. […] And that should start with the story itself. Is it strong enough to extend? […]

There are shows like Stranger Things that are very popular and have enough mythology and subplots to allow us to transfer the show to anime, live-action or animated movies.

If Netflix has great successes in series, such as Stranger Things, La Chronique des Bridgerton, La Casa de Papel, Squid Game, and in films, such as Tyler Rake, Red Notice, Enola Holmes, the platform has not yet major franchise.on the same level as its competitors cited as Star Wars or Harry Potter. Maybe Gray Man could be the first franchise for Netflix?

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