the disqualified blue relay, Kévin Mayer launched well, the return of Allyson Felix … What did you miss tonight

In the last minutes of the ninth day of the world championships in Eugene (United States), the American relays met the opposite fate. Victory for the women, and a disappointing second place for the men, in the 4x100m. The decathletes continued their work on the night of Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 July, like Kévin Mayer, who launched on a good basis. In other finals where the French were involved, disappointment prevailed.

Kevin Mayer on the right beat

The Olympic vice-champion of Rio and Tokyo had a decent first day in the decathlon. Hampered by injuries in recent months, the 30-year-old Frenchman alternated between convincing results (10″62 in 100m, 2.05m in height), some are passable (7.54m in height, 49″40 in 400m) and one is really below his level (14.98m in weight).

At the end of the first five events, Kevin Mayer was in 6th place in the general classification. A position away from the ban for the combination, usually more efficient on the second day. Note that during the 400m, Canadian Olympic champion Damian Warner was injured, opening up a little room for Kevin Mayer on the podium, or even at the top. The Frenchman also confessed that he was “confident” for the title.

The 4×100 tricolor relay is disqualified…

While the blue relay could, thanks to a perfect race, hope to reach the 4x100m podium, the French were disqualified after finishing. Launched in the lead, Méba Mickaël Zézé missed his transmission with Pablo Matéo. If the sprinters were able to complete their effort, finishing 8th and last in their end, the Blues were then disqualified for passing the baton outside the zone.

The Canadian torchbearers created a surprise by winning the world title in the 4x100 meters final.  The quartet of Aaron Brown, Jerome Blake, Brendon Rodney and Andre De Grasse won in 37 seconds and 48 hundredths, the world's best performance of the year.  The United States, favorites in the race, edged out the second-placed British.  For their part, the French were disqualified after a poor submission.

The final was won by Canada, ahead of the American favorites, thanks to a great finish by Andre de Grasse. On the other hand, among the women, the Americans did the surprise by imposing themselves in a breath in front of many favorites in Jamaica.

… the one in the 4x400m is in the final

On the French side, satisfaction on the other hand for the 4×400 m collectives who each won their place in the final. The French (Sokhna Lacoste, Shana Grebo, Sounkamba Sylla and Amandine Brossier) opened the way by winning the 3rd place in their series, similar to direct qualification, benefiting from the disqualification of the Dutch. In the final, their first goal is to improve their time.

The French torchbearers in the 4x400 meters qualified for the final of the discipline during this Eugeue World Championships.  The quartet consisting of Sokhna Lacoste, Shana Grebo, Sounkamba Sylla and Amandine Brossier took fourth place in their series.  The French benefited from the disqualification of the Dutch due to a bad delivery of the baton and went directly to the final.

Among the men (Thomas Jordier, Loïc Prévot, Simon Boypa, Téo Andant), the blue relay crossed the line in fourth position in its series. The torchbearers did well to throw all their armies into battle. They grabbed the last spot in the final of one hundred!

The tricolor torchbearers managed to pass the end of the 4x400 meters at the Worlds of Eugene.  The quartet consisting of Thomas Jordier, Loïc Prevot, Simon Boypa and Téo Andant ended their series in fourth position.  With a time of 3 minutes, 3 seconds and 13 hundredths, the French qualified in time ahead of the Dutch by one hundredth.

Gabriel Tual stopped

Seventh in the Olympic final in Tokyo, sixth in the world final in Eugene. If Gabriel Tual disappointed in his race, the Frenchman continued to put himself on top of the world in the 800m. In a race won by Kenyan Olympic champion Emmanuel Korir, Gabriel Tual cornered the home straight and crossed the line in 1’45.49.

Gabriel Tual returned to the 800 meters final of this Eugene World Championships where he took sixth place with a time of one minute 45 seconds and 49 hundredths.  The Frenchman is disappointed but is already looking ahead to next season.

Jean-Marc Pontvianne is far from his marks

Qualifying for the triple jump final thanks to a jump of 16.95 m, Frenchman Jean-Marc Pontvianne was unable to adjust his run-up. Biting the board in his first two attempts, the triple jumper was only able to validate a jump of 16.86 m.

Jean-Marc Pontvianne finished eighth in the long jump final at the Eugene Worlds.  After two bites in the first attempt, the Frenchman jumped 16 meters and 86 centimeters to gain space in eight and three more attempts.  The 27-year-old failed to improve his score after that.

He finished eighth in a race won by Portuguese Olympic champion Pedro Pichardo (17.95m), ahead of Hugues Fabrice Zango (17.55m) and Yaming Zhu (17.31m).

The unexpected return of Allyson Felix

His retirement is only a few days away. As the American 200 and 400m legend announced her retirement from the stadiums after winning bronze in the mixed 4x400m relay, Allyson Felix returned to the Hayward Field track overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Author of a convincing relay in this final (50″15), the American was called back by his coaches to participate in the women’s 4x400m relay series. Choice he accepted, boarded the first plane to participate in Oregon.

Placed as the second torchbearer, Allyson Felix set the fastest time (50″61) of the American collective. It remains to be seen if she will participate in the final. Anyway, if the American team can climb the podium, Allyson Felix will have won her 20th medal at the world championships.

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