the director and four managers who are about to become redundant

The soap opera continues at the Hyper U store in Exincourt. The director Karim Soufari as well as the four managers (Editor’s note: from the dozen in the hypermarket) were fired by their boss Jérôme Bourgeat, and were summoned for an interview before the dismissal next week. In May, Karim Soufari was on the verge of being fired. The news mobilized a large part of the staff, who went on strike, as well as four managers who put their resignation in the balance. A unity that makes it possible to return the director.

The four managers are on strike

Today, the same striking managers are about to be fired by the director. The principals concerned, like the unions, are convinced of this: for them, it is “not a coincidence”.

“It calmed down for 15 days, and then he boarded us,” said one of them. All denounced some form of harassment, which allegedly started “after the strike”. “If someone doesn’t like them anymore, they’ll be picked and taken out all wrong to prove us wrong.”

Jérôme Bourgeat: “There were serious mistakes made”

A version disputed by Jérôme Bourgeat, for whom “there is no connection” between the strike and the layoffs: “There are serious mistakes made, some of which may go back to the prosecutor. There are cases of harassment. We should not listen to these people, “commented the boss. He did not want to say more about the reasons for the dismissals, because the interviews will take place next week. He woke up “people who want to protect their self by igniting the adversaries”.

“Nothing, he is setting up a whole scenario”, replied a unionist, targeting his attacks”.

“We tried the usual break,” one of the managers confessed. “But he said no, he felt betrayed, his goal was to punish,” added a unionist.

“I am 26 years old in mass distribution, I have no dismissals, no business in the industrial tribunal”, launched the dismissed director Karim Soufari, who, when he arrived, engaged -with the force of Jérôme Bourgeat in the ‘movement.

U System unit alerted

The five who were fired also admitted not counting their hours to rebuild the store, after a “complicated” start, and referring to “20 days in a row in December during on holidays”, or “80-hour weeks” . “But we don’t regret it, we learned a lot about ourselves during this time,” confided one of the managers. These efforts seem, in part, to bear fruit: “In the beginning, it was a disaster, but the economic situation has gradually improved since 2021,” said Karim Soufari.

The news this time did not trigger a strike. “Employees are not silent”, comments the unions, who say they have “central System U alert” of the situation.

A heavy context for two years

These interviews before the dismissal are part of a particular context, in Hyper U. The inter-union (CGT, CFDT, FO) has been criticizing for several months the pressure or even the harassment of employees being pushed towards at the exit. Especially against “Casino”. As a reminder, boss Jérôme Bourgeat, already boss of Super U in Audincourt, bought the Géant Casino hypermarket two years ago, to pass it under the Hyper U brand. A significant investment of six million euros. It immediately laid off almost all of its employees (almost 130). Little detail, the collective agreement of the Casino is, explain the unions, more advantageous than the U. The unions denounced a debilitating act against “Casino”, confirmed to us on the condition of anonymity of the fifteen people, still in post or missing. . With, the key, distribution of warnings. Which sometimes leads to dismissals, leaving, or leaving the disease. Currently, “Casino” will be 45 in number among hundreds of store employees. “We are not the Lucky Lukes of the warning”, defended Jérôme Bourgeat. And to provoke a “culture shock” and a “resistance to change” in the face of new methods.


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