Seko Fofana, Bamba Dieng, Bakambu, Lirola, Alexis Sanchez… OM transfer window news and rumors of the week!

As every weekend, Football Club de Marseille offers you the news of the transfer window and rumors of the week! In this Sunday’s program: Seko Fofana, Bamba Dieng, Bakambu, Lirola, Alexis Sanchez…

Mercato OM: Bakambu and Lirola are about to leave OM?

ACCORDING Africa Foot United, Bakambu and Lirola will also be sacked, both players could clear the club’s wage bill.

Bakambu and Lirola have struggled to convince Marseille’s management since their arrival last season. Bakambu has one of the highest salaries in the club and Longoria wants to find a way for him. Lirola bought last summer after a convincing loan spell in 2021, failed to confirm under Sampaoli. Especially since the arrival of Jonathan Clauss in the correct position of the piston condemned him to an alternate place.

The Congolese international (40 caps, 13 goals) has only hit the net 4 times since his arrival at Marseille in 20 games, with little hope of winning at Marseille. Lirola, with a market value of approximately €8 million each Transfermarkt, can bail out the OM coffers a little.

Longoria is now handling the departures

Igor Tudor doesn’t trust the two players and Longoria asks them to find a way. A few weeks ago Bakambu was announced for Turkey, where he has already played for Bursaspor. As for Pol Lirola, the player remains a good Italian beach but has not yet shown a club.

After a strong rookie week with Luis Suarez, Clauss and Blanco, OM are now looking to make the cut. Caleta-Car, Amavi and Kolasinac will also start, as well as Bamba Dieng as indicated. The Team and Provence, Early in the day. Bakambu and Lirola, disappointed in Tudor’s eyes, had to leave Marseille this summer.

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“Bakambu? I think if he has an offer from Turkey, he should go…” – De Bono

“I think if he has an offer from Turkey he should go. I think for him and for us, for both. Because there he will reign, for Bakambu he has a salary in Besiktas, in OM he doesn’t play often , that will leave room for little Dieng if he stays at the club to play more often. That will allow him to express himself and have more value if he is on fire. We need to clarify if he has a chance to leave now, as he said Mathieu will benefit both parties, OM and him. I mean maybe if he signs there, he’ll have a little longer contract with an honorable salary, he’s about to start there. I think that too his interest. And above all, it will give an opportunity, as I said to Dieng, to maybe start a little or come back more often and see his progress, that is more interesting for Marseille and for the player, c is that you should see a little, Bakambu what will he give you back? Meanwhile Dieng can give you a lot of money! »Jean-Charles De Bono Source: Marseille Football Club (06/27/2022)

Mercato OM: Longoria talks about Seko Fofana?

Seko Fofana is in talks with Olympique de Marseille, according to the reporter Atlas lions, Hakim Zhouri.

The Ivorian midfielder has been of great interest to OM for several transfer windows now. The author of an excellent season this year in Ligue 1, the coast of Fofana rose again making the transfer very complicated. But Hakim Zhouri, a reporter from Atlas lions, revealed that the Lensois player is in talks with Marseille. After the recruitment of Jonathan Clauss, the Marseille club may try to secure the services of Fofana.

We know that OM is still looking for a midfielder and Jorfan Veretout is dragging their feet, if Longoria can quickly separate from the “unwanted”, he may have the finances to bring to Seko Fofana.

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Fofana, a profile 100% compatible with OM?

“Fofana, he is thick, so obviously good, he scores goals, he projects well, he is a binder in the midfield, he is a presence and he shows it. He has a amazing season with Lens, he brought his team all the time, even in the last games he scored some important goals. Frank Passi – Source: Marseille Foot Debate (05/23/2022)

“I really like both players, starting with the spirit, their playing qualities what they bring to a team. Fofana? I remember the game here at the Vélodrome, he played very well. A boy that like Fofana, the killing in the middle of the field is comparable, like the other Fofana (Youssouf) who plays in Monaco with Tchouameni, they are complementary players, when there is a small failure, the partner is there to pay. and it allows a team to be more balanced. » Jean-Charles de Bono – Source: Marseille Foot Debate (05/23/2022) »

Mercato OM: The return of Alexis Sanchez track

According to Corriere dello Sport, Alexis Sanchez is not against the idea of ​​joining Olympique de Marseille. The 33-year-old missed Inter Milan’s first two pre-season games.

the Corriere dello Sport it was revealed this Saturday that former Arsenal and Manchester United player Alexis Sanchez wants to leave Inter Milan and join OM. The 33-year-old winger, who was not called up by the Nerrazzuri in the last friendly match, is getting closer and closer to the Marseille club.

Marseille is still looking for an experienced player, especially in the Champions League to welcome the arrival of the Copa America winner. The player will please the new OM technician, Igor Tudor, but also Longoria, who has followed him closely for several weeks.

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Alexis Sanchez needs to be revived

Another rookie in the offensive sector who will not arrive without starting the Olympian squad. Bakambu and Dieng will also be pushed to reduce and free up their salaries. Otherwise the Chilean international (143 selections, 48 ​​goals) could not join Canebière. The Inter Milan striker is looking to revive after a lackluster last season with 25 league appearances for 5 goals and 1 assist.

At the age of 33 and one year from the end of his contract, he is worth €3.5 million Transfermarkt, an unbeatable value for OM. However, the Marseille club will be forced to make room for workers, in order to pay their salaries. Case to follow.

Mercato OM: Dieng pushed by Longoria?

ACCORDING The group and Provence, Bamba Dieng will be pushed, which will mean his presence on the bench against Middlesbrough.

Olympique de Marseille played almost all its attackers, Milik started, Bakambu and rookie Luis Suarez then played, but Dieng remained on the bench. The Senegalese international (10 caps 2 goals), the only market value of the club along with Caleta-Car, will be forced to leave according to information from The group and on Provence. The only problem is, the player has announced many times in the French media that he wants to continue his development in Marseille and the interest of Freiburg will not change anything.

Longoria, who has been recruiting with a vengeance for the past two weeks, will now have to slow down his workforce and decide to sacrifice his nugget in this transfer window. OM wants to sell Dieng to make room for the services of Alassane Pléa. The management of Marseille expects 15M € for its share, an amount that seems small considering its potential.

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Dieng is still young, we have to stop this transfer and keep him – Hernandez

A decision that won’t please everyone. A few weeks ago the guest of Apéro Mercato, Christophe Hernandez, winner of the Gambardella Cup in 2012 with Nice, profiled Bamba Dieng, a player, according to him, that OM should not sell.

“Dieng? It’s a profile that we don’t have for me, it takes space, it doesn’t always look good, it’s different from what we can do, especially the latest attackers like Benedetto or Milik, which support forwards. Milik sold us as a player who made a lot of calls, but what I didn’t see especially in the end game for me. Dieng is still young, there is a project at Olympique de Marseille that I hope will last, so no, we have to stop this transfer and keep it. We don’t have the potential to dribble 5, 6 players, we will make a difference in every game. We have a player who can do good things for us, but we don’t have a player like Ousmane Dembélé when he was young. (On the comparison with Ekitike) He is more complete than Dieng, especially when he wins without the ball, he only plays with one touch, he will ask again later, he can watch the ball. Bamba Dieng can’t do it yet. (In the hypothesis of a departure from Dieng) What is the project of Olympique de Marseille, what do we intend to do? What recruitment do we want to do? It is good to release a Bamba Dieng who has his own qualities, in OM, we have many players who like to touch the ball with the foot in small areas, even our side players like Under who like to touch the ball. enters his left foot. Economically, I agree, but if I’m talking about pure football, as a fan, who will we recruit? Who can take the depth of this squad? If tomorrow Sampaoli decides to recruit two real full-backs and wants to play in 3-5-2 who will help our striker Milik by taking up spaces. » Christopher Hernandez – Source: Marseille Football Club (31/05/2022)

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