Prince Philip’s cousin was married at Winchester Cathedral

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten, eldest daughter of George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven, was married on Saturday July 23. The aristocrat, cousin of the British royal family said yes to Alexander Dru’s engagement request, during their vacation in Verbier, Switzerland, in January. They were married at Winchester Cathedral on Saturday.

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Wedding of Lady Tatiana Mountbatten and Alexander Dru

The beautiful people were in Hampshire on July 23, 2022 to attend the religious wedding of Lady Tatiana Mountbatten, eldest daughter of George Mountbatten, maquis of Milford Haven and Sarah Georgina Walker. George and Sarah divorced and both remarried. George is now married to Claire Steele, ex-wife of Nicholas Philip Wentworth-Stanley with whom he has three children.

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten arrives at Winchester Cathedral with her father, the current head of the Mountbatten family, on July 23, 2022 (Photo: Mark Stewart/Camera Press/ISOPIX)

Lady Tatiana, 32, a cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh and more distant than Elizabeth II, is known as a socialite, who made her public debut by participating in the Bal des Debutantes in 2007 in Paris . He is also known as a skilled rider and dressage specialist. He is now interested in contact therapy with horses.

The Marquess of Milford Haven was joined by his ex-wife Sarah, Tatian’s mother, and his current wife, Claire. (Photo: Mark Stewart/Camera Press/ISOPIX)

At the beginning of January 2022, Lady Tatiana Mountbatten announced on her social networks that she is married to Alexander Dru, who is from the 4th Earl of Carnavon and the 4th Viscount of Vesci. The announcement came while they were on a skiing holiday in Verbier. From his full name Alexander Bernard Molyneux Dru, son of Auberon Alexander Bernard Dru and Catherine Margaret Norden.

Tatiana Mountbatten, daughter of the 4th Marquess of Milford Haven, is related to Prince Philip and the British Royal Family (Image: Royal Histories)

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Cressida Bonas was a wedding guest

Lady Tatiana is descended from the Sovereign Grand Dukes of Hesse, the family descended from the Battenbergs who became Mountbatten, but also from Queen Victoria and Tsar Nicolas 1st of Russia. The aristocrat was briefly photographed in her wedding dress as she stepped out of the car that took her to Winchester Cathedral on Saturday.

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten wore a very classic wedding dress (Image: Mark Stewart/Camera Press/ISOPIX)

The guests were not too shy about the photographers and agreed to pose. Among them is Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s longtime girlfriend. The British thought to be the wife of Prince Harry, recently married Harry David Wentworth-Stanley, the second son of Claire Steele, who is the second wife of the Marquess of Milford Haven. Cressida Bonas recently introduced herself for her role in the series White House Mountain.

Alexander Dru proposed in Verbier, Switzerland (Image: Instagram/tatianamountbatten)

A cousin of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II

The title of Marquess of Milford Haven is the highest title of nobility conferred on the main branch of the Mountbattens, the name given to the Battenberg family upon their naturalization in Britain. Tatiana’s brother, Henry, carried the subsidiary title of Count of Medina. Another title of the Mountbatten family is better known but not quite so long. It was that of Count Mountbatten of Burma, given to Louis Mountbatten, Viceroy of India, who was not the eldest of his brothers. So the title was passed down through another branch of the family

The Battenberg family is descended from the Grand Ducal family of Hesse. Prince Alexander, son of Grand Duke Louis IV, married Countess Julia von Hauke​​​​ in 1851. The marriage was considered morganatic, with Julia of lower rank. She received a new title from her mother-in-law, the Countess of Battenberg, a title that was elevated to Princess of Battenberg in 1858. This title was also passed down to her children, including Prince Louis of Battenberg.

In 1917, Prince Louis of Battenberg, who settled in the United Kingdom, became naturalized and anglicized his name to Mountbatten (the literal translation of Battenberg). Upon his naturalization, he received the titles of Marquess of Milford Haven, Earl of Medina and Viscount Alderney.

Prince Louis married a cousin, Princess Victoria of Hesse. They have four children, the eldest is George and the youngest is Louis. Louis was known as Lord Mountbatten and was to be made the Viceroy of India. George, the eldest, inherited the family title of 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven. George, who came from a morganatic branch of the family that ruled the Grand Duchy of Hesse married Nadejda Mikhaïlovna de Torby, she from a morganatic branch of the Russian imperial family. George and Nadejda were the parents of David, 3rd Marquess, himself the father of George, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven.

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