Paris-Vatry airport is finished!

Lhis decision was taken at a board meeting in March and should be effective at the beginning of the school year: Paris-Vatry airport will change its name. Aimed, at best, to ridicule foreign candidates for a trip to France when they discover that they will land 140 km as the crow flies from the Champs-Élysées, the term “Paris” attached to ” Vatry” dates from 2006.

The platform then got this official name from IATA (international air transport organization). Today, Christian Bruyen, president (DVD) of the council of the department of Marne and of the CA of the public establishment that manages the airport (which belongs to the Department), lifted the curtain on this new stage of the structure’s existence .


“The idea of ​​joining Paris in Vatry aims to give more fame to this new airport. Why not ! However, it is hardly honest to want to make passengers believe that there is a subway access outside the terminal. The last known experience of our platform, which consisted of selling the Eiffel Tower to Londoners, was not very convincing. This is the least we can say and I say it, but we are not the decision makers (Read opposite). As long as we know that the current name is not necessarily the smartest, a reflection is important. »

A negative term for cargo

“Now, for cargo, to say that our airport is “Parisian” is negative, because operators are tired of the constant “mistreatment” of the capital, due to delays in operations related to things that may very tall.”

Cargo activity is only at the level of 2021

12,983 tons of cargo were handled in six months. Until 2020, more than this will satisfy the successive leaders of Vatry! In 2022, it is a disappointment shown because it is better than the first six months of 2021 (12,939 tons). And the 2022 target, 45,000 tons, posted after a bright 2021 fiscal year (30,588 tons, up 150%), appears to be particularly dangerous. After the first two months at the highest speed (5,782 tons on March 1, +70%), the conflict in Ukraine and the difficulties in China with new confinements in front of Covid, stopped the activity. However, the activity must be continued to ensure Vatry management. To do this, it counts on new cargo rotations (Vietnam Airlines with Hanoi), the strengthening of others (Bolloré Logistics doubling its rotations in China), the acquisition of e-commerce in FTL Express (which still needs to build a new dedicated warehouse of 13,000 m² on the edge of the tarmac in Vatry), a French freight company that will be based in Vatry, a regular African freight line that will be Ethiopian Airlines will provide… Enough to reach 45,000 tons of cargo by the end of December?

What name?

“So the decision is first to remove, or not, the term Vatry. Add Champagne? Reflection can also focus on this idea. It was suggested to us by institutional and private tourism players. But our The main business is cargo, not passengers. »

no com

“This name change is an operation intended for business, not necessarily, at least initially, for the general public and passengers. That is why the board of the airport that, at the beginning of the school year, position itself, make choices, without turning to a communication agency first. It goes without saying that we will use it next. We will not revolutionize communication at this Vatry airport, it will be done in stages , as expectations or opportunities arise. »

The Inzeair flop

The cancellation of flights to London, Nice and Ajaccio to be provided by the new company Inzeeair, from the end of May to the end of September, endangers the passenger program that leaves Vatry. “We believe in this project even if there are questions. We are doing everything to help him and avoid a total stoppage of flights,” assured Christian Bruyen. “We are always open to the development of passenger traffic through the routes of the south of France, EU countries and beyond. On the other hand, towards London, I do not think that there is a future.”. In the meantime, only Ryanair flights to Marrakech and Porto are provided this summer, and next winter, from Vatry.

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