CONFIRMATION. “I live at night, I am afraid that my child will be taken from me”

In her Insta, @tribulations_dune_maman_ado, Alizée, 30, who became a mother at the age of 17, tells about her life in painting, with humor. A talent that led him to illustrate a book for blogger Cheez Nan.

“I’ve been drawing since I was little. My parents bought me a lot of comics. But in my struggles, I threw them all away. Mom at 17, Alizée is actually far from having a planned life. What helped him overcome these bumps? “Drawing my diary and publishing it on social networks allowed me not to be ashamed of the difficulties I went through.” And reveal his talent. Because his drawings, which he published since 2017, were found to illustrate a cookbook.

“I follow the food blogger Cheez Nan in social networks. I made a drawing for him as a fan. After the tests, he chose me for his book, Welcome to kantosh (First editions).“ A dream come true. “A revenge too”, admits the young illustrator who, since July, left his job as a hospital services officer in a retirement home to live from his pencil stroke. “People believed in me that it was very difficult for this to happen. I said to myself, “Go for it, there will be no bigger failures than what you have already experienced. “”

“After a short love affair, I became pregnant and denied the pregnancy”

Because, from the age of 15, the teenager is entrusted with Childhood Social Assistance (ASE). “It’s complicated at home. I live with my mother and my sisters in Brittany, in a mixed family where I can’t find my place. Disobedient, I found myself in boarding school where I often ran away.” Until his parents appealed to the family court judge (JAF) in Rennes. “That day, they gave up their right to my education. I don’t know what will happen in this meeting. I already feel alone and abandoned, even worse…”

Alizée was then placed in a home for teenagers. “I am no longer good enough for anyone. In search of affection and love, I did not realize that I was holding on to people who were lost like me. ” In March 2008, he lived a brief fall in love with a a boy of his age. and became pregnant. “My body didn’t change, I was even regulated. I did a denial of pregnancy.” At the end of September, in psychological distress, the teenager was hospitalized. “After a blood sample, the doctors discovered that I was six months pregnant.”

“I was so afraid that my child would be taken from me that I barricaded myself”

In December 2008, Alizée gave birth to Maya. “In the maternity ward, they are very kind. Maya is a sweet and kind child. It was total love. My daughter erased all my mistakes.” When she leaves, Alizée will enter a collective maternal home and then, when she grows up, into an individual apartment under the ASE contract. But the young mother is completely lacking in basics. “I couldn’t bear being watched. I didn’t respond to the summons from ASE. I was so scared that I barricaded myself. By 8pm, I knew no one would knock on my door, that’s why I live at night. I’m afraid my baby will be taken from me.”

Her character is worried about social services asking for follow-up for Maya. “It was the electroshock. I said to myself: ‘Damn, we’re going to take it from me!’ I called my mother crying. She took me home. She created a buffer with social services .” When cohabitation is complicated, Alizée takes this opportunity to get her head above water. “I no longer live alone in an environment that scares me. More at peace, I say to myself: ‘Find a job and an apartment now.'”

“Making my comic book is the most beautiful dream”

Leaving school without a diploma, he cleaned and rented his first house. “Then I saved like crazy to pass my driver’s license. I wanted to be like other mothers, without social and financial problems. I don’t want people to put me down.” Alizee met her future husband at the age of 23. “Maya is 5 years old. We never separated. Romain did the full adoption file. We have the same last name.” From then on, the wind of happiness blew in the life of this Bordelaise, and Alizée was ready for other challenges. “I will leave with a base. I have my daughter and my husband. I want to fulfill myself: creating my comic is the most beautiful of dreams.”

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