Arnaud Kalimuendo wants to stay at PSG as a priority!

on Paris Saint Germain since 2012, Arnaud Kalimuendo moved to the big leagues with his training club in 2020. Since signing his first professional contract, the player has played two seasons in the top flight… but was loaned to RC lens and it is more than conclusive. He seduced, broke the screen, lifted the ladder one by one in his career so far, just like his career in BLUE that started with the under-18s in 2018, and madeArnaud Kalimuendo a key element in his generation of France hOPEa category he joined in 2020 at the age of 18. Now at the age of 20, the parisian dick is in a change in his career, he must launch it, and confirm.

A place to take

The case ofArnaud Kalimuendo is the perfect opportunity for new sports management PSG to link words to actions. Where the club wants to return the youth of its training center to the center of its project, and give more importance to the identity, the 20-year-old striker perfectly ticks these boxes. The one chosen as the best player in the training center Red Blue by winning the Titi d’Or 2020there are ways to make his place and he believes in it: “ Yes, I believe it! I know my abilities, I know what I can do. I did my two seasons with Lens, it worked well, we’ll see. It’s not just me“, he stated in April to our colleagues from SoFoot.

If we sometimes see the PSG welcome elements overwhelmed by the project, the club should finally be able to create space for young players, with a stronger sense of belonging, and an irreproachable investment. Far be it from me to assume the office of Calimuendo in all the matches, but the support must be given, and for me a better solution than separating the young people from the training center in Paris, who can play their cards in Paris Saint Germain. Hatching a player can be done under our colors, and evaluating whether there is a level or not for PSG should be done at that time, instead of making hasty conclusions, which will make us see our young talents shining in other skies. Arnaud Kalimuendonative of Suresnes (92), like all the players trained by the club, has a deep attachment to PSG, and a genuine desire to experience success with his training club. The striker is completely concerned about the project, it will be beneficial for him and the club, which will grow in Paris. To illustrate his attachment to his training club, Fan Channel is able to prove the desire of Calimuendo to return and flourish PSG at the end of his second year on loan at RC Lens. True, facing the road Red Blue blocked especially by Mauro Icardicully “He told his management in the summer of 2021, his desire to rejoin the north of France, but only on loan. Because yes, if he knows how to do many things within two years RC lenswith a collective like the one installed on PSGhe will be in the best possible circumstances to express the fullness of his talent.

In imagining his two beautiful seasons in the north of France, as a reward, we note thatArnaud Kalimuendo named in the top prospect category at the end of the 2021-2022 fiscal year in UNFP Trophies. He competes alongside Nuno Mendes, Castello Lukeba, Chephren Thuram and William Saliba. An individual award won by the latter, a French international defender.

What is the role of Kalimuendo?

There is no question here to give a leading role to Calimuendo of such worker. Evolve behind players like Messi, Mbappe hope Neymar may also allow him to take it easy on his development, and reduce as much as possible the pressure that a 20-year-old player can put on PSG. Calimuendo appeared for two years at RC lens an ability to evaluate the opposing defenses, but also to take the depth when necessary or even participate in the construction of the game. He knows how to play with one touch, such as taking the ball and making difference alone, or through his body game without the ball. He has a rather interesting science of placement and movement, such as his goals in the first two games of preparation against Kawasaki Frontal (1-2 win) and the Urawa Red diamonds (0-3 win). He has a fairly wide tactical and technical palette, which in the hands of a staff like Christophe Galtier can only grow and expand.

If we stop his two games in preparation for this Tour of Japan 2022We can think about that Calimuendo takes up the area it doesn’t already have under colors Red Blue in the hierarchy of attackers, both as he showed with his two goals, but also with his constant playing time.

According to information from Fan Channel, Christophe Galtier congratulated Arnaud Kalimuendo at the end of the victory and his goal against Kawasaki Frontal (1-2), before informing him that he will reward him in the next match. The promise was fulfilled by the French coach, as the 20-year-old striker played the entire second period on July 23 during the success against Urawa Red Diamonds (0-3)the chance for him to score his second goal in two games.
Note also, according to the well-informed twittos @Djaameel56that the Parisian number 29 will mark the ” many points in Galtier » since the arrival of a French technician in the bank of PSG. It’s flirting with Leeds according to the latest press reports, Arnaud Kalimuendo can continue his training club, and compose the offensive line of Leo Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Hugo Ekitike. Despite the club’s interest Premier Leaguethe priority of parisian dick is to continue the adventure with his training club according to our information. This summer tour and its good relationship with Christophe Galtier can work in its favor. Not lacking in ambition, Calimuendo believe that it has a role to play in this worker. Aware of the fierce competition in front of the attack in Paris, he is willing not to start as a starter but hopes (and believes) to be able to seize a significant playing time in his measure. But his future also depends on other members of the workforce who no longer want to manage Paris. If a good number of them popular “dislike”, who is counted as 10, leave the Paris Saint Germain this summer, so the future ofArnaud Kalimuendo will be under the banner of Rouge & Bleu. On the other hand if Antero Henrique and Luis Campos fail in their “mission” to reduce the share of the workers, then the Parisian titi must pack his bags and can be sold to bring in money. Suffice it to say that the maps of the future ofArnaud Kalimuendo on PSG is in the hands of the leaders Red Blue

Arnaud Kalimuendo in numbers*

In his first year of loan RC lensin 2020-2021:

  • Ligue 1: 7 goals – 5 assists – 29 games -1,290 minutes played
  • Coupe de France: 1 goal – 1 assist – 2 games – 101 minutes played
  • TCC: 8 goals – 6 assists – 3 games – 1,391 minutes played.

For his second season on loan at RC lensin 2021-2022:

  • Ligue 1: 12 goals – 34 games – 2,173 minutes played
  • Coupe de France: 1 goal – 3 games – 148 minutes played
  • Champions Trophies: 1 game – 81 minutes of play
  • TCC: 13 goals – 38 games – 2,402 minutes played.

Throughout his professional career:

  • TCC: 80 games – 32 goals – 7 assists
  • Ligue 1: 63 games – 19 goals – 5 assists

If he had never played a single minute Champions Leaguehe showed in the youth category of Youth League an impressive ratio with 9 goals and 1 assist in 10 games played.

Regarding his position on the field, his favorite position is obviously the front of the attack, striker, but he also plays matches as a second striker, but also a left winger.

*Source: Transfermarkt

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