2022 World Championships – Eugene (USA) – The 4x100m and Lavillenie in the right cart

The 4×100 m and Lavillenie in the right car

Les Bleus in the 4x100m did well to win their series in 38”09. Renaud Lavillenie, for his part, qualified for his sixth world final in the pole vault, despite a scare when he entered the field at 5.65 m, a height from which he turned in the third attempt to escape from this.

The show

The convincing torchbearers

The winners of their series in 38”09, the four children in the 4x100m tricolor showed a victorious face to give the luxury of crossing the finish line in the lead. Meba-Mickael Zeze, Pablo Mateo, ryan zeze and Jimmy Vicaut, in that order, enjoyed the “joy” of winning the race, which is always good for confidence when entering the competition, because none of the four athletes lined up individually. ” We want to run very fast for a very long time “, announced Meba-Mickael Zeze. So fast that the Blues set the second-fastest time in all two races, behind the untouchable Americans, who lined up. Lyles, Coleman and Bracy from the series, at 37”87.

Nothing burns too early for France’s obvious torchbearers. ” We focus on ourselves, we don’t look at what others are doingwhispered Jimmy Vicaut. Just the series, a final, it’s always different, we know that very well. If there is a possibility to get a medal, we will not deny ourselves, but everyone is there for that. Let’s try to change this show first, knowing that the end is always beyond us. “Estimating their risk-taking at 7 on a scale of 10, the Blues “commit to brands, those we have been working on for months”, explained ryan zeze. Richard Cursaz’s people are clearly good students.

The number


Renaud Lavillenie qualified for his sixth pole vault final at the world championships (after 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017), in seven appearances. At a Hayward Field that he knows like the back of his hand having already jumped there more than half a dozen times (including one of 6.05 m, his outdoor record, in 2015), the Clermontois still continues to shake his entourage and his fans by turning in a third attempt at 5.65 m, his entry bar in the competition. ” I am confident after a good warm-up, it gives me a nice little emotional lift he smiled afterwards. He then cleared 5.75m on his second attempt, enough to be among the lucky winners of the day.

Despite the slight pressure he should have done well, the French record holder seemed to have a good day in the mixed zone, as he managed to ” to recover [son] full momentum, [ses] 5.10 m poles “, and in the signs that he” sought[t] for many months. » Good news when a new big fight against Duplantis and others, in the end he intends to “go get a sixth medal”.

His brother Valentine and his training partner Thibaut Collet unfortunately stopped qualifying in Oregon, after a very difficult competition since twelve pole vaulters clear 5.75 m. The first name has ” never woke up and failed three times at 5.50m, his first bar. ” An image contest of my time “, he summed up, fatalistic. Grenoblois, for his part, also crossed 5.65 m in his third attempt. ” Puts a lot of anger into it, and probably leaves a lot of juice and overflow “, he analyzed. He could not chain the next length, and kept one ” big disappointment “, he is very convinced” with ways to enter the final in his first Worlds. These two have a few days to clear their heads, before re-launching towards Munich, which they already tasted before leaving the stadium.

Lugob sa Lamote

Solid and applied in the 800 m series the previous day, Renelle Lamote had a more difficult semi-final, with terrible legs “. Well placed in second position at the start of the last turn, the Racing Multi Athlon half-country skier saw four of his rivals pass him without the strength to respond. ” I did everything I could. Tactically, I was good, mentally, too, but physically, it didn’t respond. I found myself drinking lactic too early in the race… he cursed. He finally finished in 2’00”86, in sixth place in a Kenyan-dominated race. Mary Mora in 1’59”65.

Etienne Nappey for athle.fr
Photos: S. Kempinaire – JM Hervio / KMSP / FFA

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