what to remember from the 5th edition of the Ethereum Community Conference

The 5th edition of the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) has just ended. For 3 days, the event brings together the Ethereum community in Paris around several conferences. What to remember from EthCC [5] ?

The EthCC [5]the event of the year to celebrate Ethereum

From July 19 to 21, the 5th edition ofEthereum Community Conference (EthCC), the largest European event entirely dedicated to Ethereum and its ever-evolving ecosystem.

In these 3 days, many personalities from the cryptocurrency industry intervened to express themselves on many topics: the upcoming arrival of The Merger, the development of layer 2 solutions, the theory of Soulbounds token (SBTs), decentralized social networks, decentralized autonomy. organization (DAO), European regulation (MiCA), and others.

Return the most important ETH interventions [5], especially that of the famous Vitalik Buterin.

Day 1: Decentralized Identity and DAO

Getting started with EthCC [5] donated by Kevin Owockico-founder of Gitcoin, a platform where blockchain developers can be paid for working on open-source applications. In particular, he presented the Gitcoin Passport, a digital identity innovation intended to serve as a building block of an open and borderless Internet.

In the same view, Gilles Fedakthe CEO of the French startup iExecexclusively presented the prototype of a new product: a personal data wallet that keeps NFTs out of it. These wallets can be used to identify users when logging into decentralized applications while maintaining full control and privacy.

Next, Kelsie Nabbenresearcher and doctoral student at Melbourne Royal Institute of Technology, addressed the issue of DAO’s weaknesses and strengths. He emphasized the need to discuss the innovative actions that DAOs take in response to their changing environment and how to manage algorithms to address threats.

In parallel, Nimrod Talmonresearcher ofBen Gurion University of the Negev, reported on his work finding effective algorithms that help companies make good decisions common to DAO scaling problems. “There are solutions, but they are not well understood. The DAO governance tools are not optimal,” he explained before dissecting how the struggle between decision flexibility and lack of time is holding back the growth of large DAOs.

On the institutional side, the co-founder of Societe Generale – Forge, Sylvain Prigent, discusses the union of traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). He shared a look at Forge’s token offeringtheir commitment to safety, and their roadmap including the launch of a security token refinancing solution in 2023 thanks to the Maker protocol:

“There should be an exchange for security tokens. Now, it is planned under European regulations to open a centralized platform next year. This is a good first step, but I think there is room for of innovation in this space.”

👉 To continue – The structuring of a DAO tested by French law – What legal issues?

Day 2: Adoption continues

During the 2nd day, place for the adoption of Web3 and the Ethereum blockchain by the masses and companies. Makoto Inouedeveloper of ENS Domains, got the ball rolling by providing an update on the status of the Ethereum Name Service.

He shared how the most popular Ethereum domain names are owned by celebrities like Jimmy Fallon (fallon.eth), which speaks to the growing interest in owning valuable domain names.

“The first thing you can do with big Web2 brands is make sure they have a well-known .eth domain.”

A large adoption of cryptocurrencies will not happen without increased security in digital wallets, but above all by simplifying their use. For this, Ouriel OhayonCEO and co-founder of ZenGo, explores the future of cryptocurrency wallets and how they can contribute to their mass adoption. He explains how multiparty computing can be a way to avoid the complexity and difficulties associated with using private keys.

“Signing a transaction is becoming more and more risky…it is very difficult to identify the attack vectors to which you may be exposed”.

Flagship Web3 protocol used by most decentralized applications, Connect to the wallet play an important role in the democratization of this universe. Its co-founder pedro gomeschronicles what Wallet Connect has accomplished over the past 12 months and how its messaging network, Wallet Connect Chat, is driving a new era of Web3 connections:

“Web2 has many platforms dedicated to online chat. But what about Web3? How do we chat with each other in a Web3 environment? This is a completely new paradigm in Web3, because you need to put users first. Self-sovereignty is very important and we ensure that Wallet Connect Chat preserves these qualities”.

To end this 2nd day, Stani Kuleshovfounder and CEO ofAave and Lensrevealed a new concept of how to connect our community and his vision for the reconstruction of social networks.

“We need to see social media in a new light, lowering the barrier for developers to create apps and social tools in a composable and decentralized protocol, allowing them to focus on user experience rather than user acquisition.

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Day 3: Vitalik Buterin and The Merge

Undoubtedly the most anticipated EthCC conference [5], Vitalik Buterin spoke on the development of the Ethereum roadmap and how the community views the changes that are coming by saying:

“Complete the transition [d’Ethereum vers la Proof of Stake] includes deep changes… I’m not just talking about deep changes that the people writing the code have to worry about. I mean profound changes in the way people think about the Ethereum protocol and imagine the possibilities that the Ethereum protocol offers”.

In fact, the Ethereum blockchain will begin its migration to the Proof of Stake consensus during the month of September 2022 (the date desired by the developers). This operation, called The Mergerdangerous and will forever change the way blockchain works.

“The Ethereum protocol is in the midst of a long and complex transition, leading [la blockchain Ethereum] which will evolve into a system that will be more powerful and stable in many ways”.

At the completion level of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin estimates that it will be 55% complete after The Merge. According to him, “so we enter the second half of this great and long vision”.

Vitalik Buterin’s speech ended with the question of quantum computers and the security of Ethereum, something that apparently developers will not neglect when these machines are so powerful in break the protocol’s cryptographic lock :

“One of the things to remember is the modernization of quantum computers… It is possible that they will come and when they are here, we will have to switch to different cryptography. This must be done if we want Ethereum to be secure. “

👉 Find the full intervention of Vitalik Buterin on YouTube:

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During the event, our journalist Valentin Demé also realized many interviews which will be released on our YouTube channel in the next few months. He had the opportunity to interview Stani Kulechov, founder of the famous Aave protocol.

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