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Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Saturday, July 23, 2022. Vitinha told his first moments in Paris, the future of Kalimuendo and Khephren Thuram, Neymar happy to be at PSG, Diani new- the boss of the French team…

In the current edition, The group devoted a long interview to Vitinha and the Portuguese international spoke about his career and his expectations for his adventure in Paris. The latter, for example, was not surprised that PSG contacted him this summer to go to the capital: ” Surprised? No, surprise is not the right word, I am very happy to be recruited by PSG. I love being here now and I’m having so much fun. PSG’s biggest expectations? I know the expectations here. At my level, I can only promise to do my best, to give everything to reach every game by helping the team as much as I can. » He also mentioned the first positive contact with Luis Campos during the negotiations: “He was introduced to me by my agent, Jorge Mendes. When we started talking, things were very natural. I really liked his speech and what he wanted to do at PSG. He didn’t need to convince me, I already. » The former Porto player also talked about his qualities but his dream to play with Messi, Mbappé or Neymar: ” My qualities? I think I have a chance to show them. I am a technical player, I like to have the ball, organize the game, push the team badly. I am very good with the ball. (…) I never thought that one day there would be a chance to evolve with them being so young. It was a dream to play with them and a joy. I learned with them. I hope I can help them. » The rest of his remarks can be found here.

After five consecutive failures in the quarter-finals of major competitions, France wants to change the course of its history. To do this, it must take down the Netherlands, European champions and vice-world champions.
Before this decisive meeting, The group focused on Kadidiatou Diani who “shined” in the first round, and became important to the French team. Patrice Lair, who recruited him from PSG, and Olivier Echouafni, who trained him for three years at PSG, was asked to interpret the Rouge & Bleu game. In his mind, Lair explained that the Parisian “He doesn’t talk much, although now he expresses himself a little more. It takes reassuring him a little, to put him in confidence. He still has a lot of personality, this is shown by his status in the French team and in Paris-Saint-Germain.
Regarding his physical power, the former Bordeaux expressed his admiration: “To bring him down, you have to be strong. He scored a goal after 80 meters, remembers the Bordeaux technician. I was nervous in the locker room: “No, you pull his jersey first! » (Andréa) Lardez answered me : « But he is very powerful! “We know this, you have to block it from starting, not allow it to start, otherwise it cannot be stopped.”
For his technique, Olivier Echouafni remembers his difference in Diani’s game: “He didn’t want to hear much about it. Then he started hitting from the left, better and better. It’s good to bring variety to his game, to his style.

Three Parisiennes should start tonight’s match against the Netherlands (9:00 pm): Sakina Karchaoui, Grace Geyoro and Kadidiatou Diani.

The daily sports wake up the transfer window from OGC is great and the ambition of Les Aiglons. To strengthen themselves, the leaders of Nice are interested Arnaud Kalimuendo, but the competition is fierce for the international prospect. In the beginning part, the best players in the squad were targeted by other clubs, incl Chephren Thuram. Despite PSG’s interest in the midfielder, the decision-makers at OGCN absolutely want to keep their nugget under wraps.

As explained The Parisian in his edition of the day, Neymar is fully focused on the new season announced. Willing to stay PSG, Auriverde apparently showed one of the most impressive faces in several weeks. His early return from vacation confirms this situation and his enthusiasm to perform with the capital club. In addition, the local daily reports that the Brazilian will be more available during the tour Japan, to the fans or during various promotional operations of the club. Smiling, he will say a real joy to live with his colleagues. His agreement, especially with the ball at his feet, with Kylian Mbappe is, for example, highlighted by The Parisian. Finally, the player’s colleagues told the media that Neymar Jr is in good shape and fully focused on the season waiting for PSG.

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