Stray TEST: you can love a cat, even if you don’t!

BlueTwelve Studio is a small company located in the south of France and that designs a rather attractive game in which the players consist of … a cat. So Stray was born on the consoles of Sony Interactive Entertainment and on the PC, inevitably, we started this cat pain to give you our impressions. Did we have fun? It’s time to answer it.

Stray is gripping, charming and beautiful.

The visuals of Stray are beautiful overall. We walked in quite narrow places, in general, the translation is more than appreciated for peepers. The environments are full of details of all kinds and the play of light, as well as the reflections, are attractive. There are some minor flaws in the area, such as ERUPTS where some textures appear without warning, animations are a bit stiff and small collision bugs. Don’t be afraid, it won’t spoil the experience, the title shows a charming artistic direction that covers this small imperfection.

As for the soundtrack, we have tones that stick to the image. When we are being chased by small creatures, the music becomes intense, when we drag our feet, the notes get softer and softer. It’s catchy and fun to listen to. If you play it in a playstation, the cat’s voice comes out of the loudspeaker to immerse you in the right way. on stray, so we play a cat who is separated from his family and finds himself in a cybernetic and mysterious city. His goal? Get away from the scene and look for his loved ones. The story is elegant and conveys messages about life, society and what we have lost. In spirit, this production reminds us of the work of Yukito Kishiro, Gunnm.

Distance 04Management is simplistic and limited for some things… We can only sprint and jump over walls if the game gives us permission. Also, we can meow, but not only. Remember, we’re cats, which means we can do cat things. In other words? We can shave ourselves off the rugs (with some resistance from the causes of DualSense), scratching the door for someone to open us, sleeping and moaning into a pillow (the DualSense vibrate so much that we can hear our cat’s little chirping), hide it in a cardboard box, put its head in a paper bag, or even knock things on the table with its foot. What is it for? On the left, apart from making you love these animals so much that they are cabbages.

To progress, we must explore the forbidden areas and complete the puzzles. In addition, our cat is accompanied by a small mecha flying, B-12, which will help us throughout our odyssey. A bit disappointing, The puzzles are extremely easyat once We would not be against a little more trouble. More than that, we have the right to chase and sneak phases to avoid monotony. Stray is shocking, it’s here, it won’t take much time to reach the end of the tunnel. Count about 4 hours to see the credits.

Free test image 1

stray captivating, beautiful and beautiful. The experience lingers in the mind and it’s hard to put the controller down once the beast is done. So yes, scraps can be resold with a snap of fingers, life span is very short, but the title marks the spirits by passing beautiful messages to the players. Here we have a meowsterclass independent games that deserve a longer and more exciting adventure.

Stray is available on the PlayStation Store for €30, you can buy a PSN card on Amazon.


  • A fun art direction
  • Good sound environment
  • Step into the skin of a cat and do cat things, it’s fun
  • Great messages delivered
  • Purring, excellent DualSense sensations

The lower

  • Short, very short, sniff
  • The puzzles are very easy
  • Limited jump hold

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