Stabbed during a fight between an Uber Eats delivery man in Sarcelles

A violent fight broke out among Uber Eats delivery men in Sarcelles, on May 27, 202. (© Illustration/La Presse de la Manche)

They engage in a fierce battle every day to be the first to collect orders to be sent. A race against time for a few euros. A “war” of delivery men turned violent teal (Val d’Oise).

It is in this context that a person who delivers Uber Eats was seriously injured during a dispute between employees of a ready-made food delivery service. Tried on June 30 before the Pontoise Criminal Court for serious violence, two of the attackers were sentenced to prison terms.

A lung punctured by a blow of a screwdriver

The facts will return on the night of May 26 to 27. While customers are placing orders in McDonald’s in Sarcelles, many delivery men crowded in front of the fast-food. Among them, Karim and Samir. On the site, the principle is as simple as the fierce battle. When the order is ready by McDonald’s employees, the first delivery person who comes to them will leave it.

While Karim and Samir remained as close as possible to the door of the fast food restaurant, they were arrested by a group that ordered them to leave the area explaining to them that they were in their territory. But the two men refused. The tone rises before a fight breaks out. After being hit by his anti-theft scooter, one of the two victims received a screwdriver in the chest. An attack that would have killed him, the blade of the tool punctured one of his lungs. Hospitalized in an emergency, the person was prescribed 15 days of Itt.

Identified in the images from the CCTV camera, two of the attackers, including the author of the screwdriver blow, were arrested.

“We’re just defending ourselves”

Appearing in court, the two accused of Afghan origin tried to minimize the facts with the help of a translator. Muttering a few words from his box to the latter, Haleem assured: “We did not initiate, we defended ourselves. “A version that does not hold, the videos recorded that night prove the opposite shown by the president of the court. Stéphane Billiet then asked him about the blood-covered screwdriver found on his scooter. He tried again Haleem to deny his guilt. “I didn’t mean it, I don’t know how I hurt him. “You can think about it, or you can continue to take the court for apples”, answered the magistrate.

When he recognized that it was his screwdriver, the accused swore that he only took it to defend himself from the two victims who tried to attack him with their anti-theft scooter. “The chain is used by the aggressors against the victims”, however their lawyer answered for the victims.

Videos: now on Actu

Cornered, both defendants admitted to regretting their actions. “We left Afghanistan to settle in a peaceful country, we no longer want to live in violence. »

“All the people who deliver are being exploited and Uber is wiping their hands.”

“This is a vulgar turf war”, criticized the lawyer for the civil parties before adding in a humorous tone against the two defendants: “I’m sorry that my friends did not know client this tacit rule of zones. »

“Rule” to be put behind the company Uber Eats by the defense lawyer: “There is an uberization of society, it has become a delivery race, he criticized. All the people who deliver are exploited and it is Uber that rubs the their hands. If the council begs for mercy from the court by asking for a suspended sentence for its clients, it will not be heard.

Haleem was thus sentenced to six months in prison and €1,500 in compensation to the victims. His accomplice, Hilal, was sentenced to four months in prison and €500 in fines.


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