Slovenia, Greece, United States … Many countries affected by the wildfires

A forest fire broke out at a seaside resort on the island of Lesvos, Greece, on Saturday July 23. MANOLIS LAGOUTARIS / AFP

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – After France, Spain and Portugal, two other European countries are in flames. California was also affected.

With rising temperatures and heat waves, fires are increasing worldwide. France, which was affected by the fires in Gironde and Brittany in particular, as well as Spain and Portugal were not the only countries that suffered.


Greece, which is used to this kind of natural disaster, is also a victim this year. Tourists and residents were evacuated on Saturday July 23 from a seaside resort on the island of Lesbos. A forest fire destroyed houses in the village of Vatera. At least two were killed in the fire, according to state television ERT.

A man runs as a fire spreads on the island of Lesvos, Greece, Saturday July 23. MANOLIS LAGOUTARIS / AFP

Firefighters deployed nine planes and a helicopter to tackle the fire, which started in the morning and spread on two fronts, one towards the village of Vrisa and the other towards the interior of Vatera.

Firefighters prepare to put out a fire in a house, in Vatera, Greece, Saturday July 23. ELIAS MARCOU / REUTERS

The mayor of Lesbos West, Taxiarchis Verros, ordered a precautionary evacuation of the busy resort town, on the advice of firefighters, according to Greek news agency ANA. He did not specify the number of people evacuated but several buses and small boats participated in the operation.

Smoke fills the sky over Vatera Beach, Greece, Saturday, July 23. MANOLIS LAGOUTARIS / AFP

On Saturday, firefighters also led their third day of fighting a fierce fire in the Dadia National Park, in the Evros region, in northeastern Greece.

A total of 320 firefighters and 68 devices have been deployed since Friday night, as well as 13 ground teams, and a large number of volunteer firefighters. Six water bomber helicopters and nine helicopters operate in the sky.

The Greek flag is not far from the flames, on the island of Lesbos, Saturday July 23. MANOLIS LAGOUTARIS / AFP

Last year, a heat wave and forest fire destroyed 103,000 hectares and killed three people in Greece.

Slovenia has also been affected since Tuesday. Hundreds of firefighters have been deployed in the west of the country to fight the fire that has caused the evacuation of several villages, according to emergency services.

A helicopter releases water from a fire in a forest near the village of Rence, Slovenia, Saturday July 23. JURE MAKOVEC / AFP

Among the measures deployed, Slovenia called in Serbian helicopters in the hope of extinguishing the fire near the village of Temnica.

Residents capture Serbian helicopters sent as reinforcements to Slovenia, Saturday July 23. JURE MAKOVEC / AFP

Foresters also cut down the trees to prevent the fire from spreading.

Foresters cut trees to limit the spread of the fire near the village of Temnica, Saturday July 23. JURE MAKOVEC / AFP

The previous day, Friday July 22, there was a threat of fire around Temnica and Lipe.

A scene of fires affecting Slovenia, Friday July 22, near the villages of Temnica and Lipe. JURE MAKOVEC / AFP

United States

Like every year, the State of California is invaded by flames. A wildfire called the Oak Fire broke out Friday in Mariposa County, near Yosemite National Park.

It’s completely out of control and has consumed more than 2,600 acres, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection website Saturday morning.

A fire called the Oak Fire destroyed a house, as it progressed near Mariposa County, California, Saturday July 23. JUSTIN SULLIVAN / AFP

Also according to the site, ten buildings were destroyed and five were destroyed. Thousands more will also be at risk. Residents had to evacuate the area and roads were closed.

A resident watched the fire near his house before evacuating, Friday July 22. TRACY BARBUTES / REUTERS

Considered the Oak Fire “one of the biggest fires of the year”wrote to Los Angeles Times . Nearly 400 firefighters are battling the blaze, supported by dozens of helicopters.

A firefighter stands next to a fire at the Oak Fire, Calif., Friday, July 22. TRACY BARBUTES / REUTERS

The American daily determined that another fire, the Washburn Fire, was still burning on Friday night in Yosemite National Park. More than 2000 hectares have been destroyed there since it appeared on July 7.

An aerial view of the Oak Fire, near Yosemite National Park, Friday, July 22. MATT GARR/REUTERS

The American West has experienced wildfires of unprecedented size and intensity in recent years, with a marked extension of the fire season.

The increase in extreme weather events is a direct result of global warming, say scientists, with greenhouse gas emissions increasing in both intensity, duration and frequency.

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