“LGBT people are taking more space and doing better,” Elips rejoiced

“Our regions have talent,” he said, smiling, in the first episode. Bordeaux drag queen Elips has proven her tenacity throughout her career at Drag Race in France which ended for him at the end of the 5th episode, available since Thursday night on france.tv. “His point of view is super fashionable, now he has to work on his self-confidence”, decided the host Nicky Doll to find him also “in reserve”. with 20 minutesthe 25-year-old actress recalls her time in the competition.

Do you think your shyness played a role in your dismissal?

I think he helped a little. But this is the game, too. The competition is definitely there. All the queens are super talented. It’s hard to stay in the race, especially in a dance and singing challenge because it’s not in all my favorite places.

However, you have stepped out of your comfort zone many times. Especially in episode 4 where you portray a larger than life Chantal Ladesou…

I really got a lot of feedback and compliments from the public about this show. It was a great pleasure. With Chantal Ladesou, I really stepped out of my comfort zone. He is not an Elips-like character. I really enjoyed playing him.

Did Chantal Ladesou react to your performance?

No, not yet, unfortunately, but I hope he sees the video (laugh).

Juliette Armanet appreciates your performance of her song “Brûler le feu” in the first episode…

Yes, he shared me on his Instagram story and commented on one of my posts. I was in heaven when I saw that because he is an actor I love. I really like his work, since his first album, I’ve seen him in concert many times, so it’s a bit of a consecration for him to see my work.

In the last stage, you have to write the verse of a song. You choose to talk about school harassment, bullying… Is it important to you?

Absolutely. It’s important to talk about it. I want to talk about my personal experience but I think it is experienced by many children and teenagers. So, I want to send the message that it is not up to us to lower our eyes, that it is not up to us to be afraid. Others need to change their behavior, educate themselves, become more tolerant and kind.

What do you think of the words of Caroline Cayeux who said “these people”, referring to gays and lesbians – for which she immediately apologized?

I try to stay positive. There has been an increase in violence against LGBTQ+ people in recent years. I try to tell myself that we also talk more, more places and better. We dare to talk about things and say that we exist. Maybe it’s a moment that will pass to have an evolution of mentalities. I held on to that.

What is your best memory of “Drag Race France”?

One of my most memorable memories, which will remain etched in my head forever, was Jean-Paul Gaultier’s comments on my tie dress in the first episode. [«C’est une pure merveille. […] I find it unbelievable. You succeed in the movement that is difficult to do, you have a lot of talent,” he said.

You are from Bordeaux, how would you describe the Bordeaux drag scene?

I can say that he is honest and different. The Bordeaux drag was hatched four years ago, it was a short time ago. We saw a lot of artists with different styles showing up. There is a desire to pull. There’s a very talented drag king community – we’re lucky to have it – but also creative, club kids…

Where will the public see you next?

PAST [jeudi]that was the watching the party [une séance de visionnage collectif de l’épisode dans un bar] the busiest, with the most people. So I have a lot of people supporting me, it’s really cool. Until August 11, we have Pourquoi Pas nights? Cultural café in Bordeaux, and that’s it for now. I want to concentrate on my performance for the tour [qui commencera le 1er septembre à Paris] and there is still much work to be done.

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