In “The Gray Man” on Netflix, this action scene is worth seeing in the cinema

NETFLIX-“10 days of gunfire, explosions and car accident” and “the culmination of an enormous amount of work”. This is how the Russo brothers describe the impressive action scene shot in Prague The Gray Man. Their latest film, the most expensive in Netflix history, where you can watch the trailer above the articleavailable from Friday, July 22 on the platform.

Once a formidable CIA hitman, Gentry aka the Gray Man (Ryan Gosling) finds himself with compromising information. He becomes a target of the intelligence agency which, through Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), is determined to follow him around the world to eliminate him.

The HuffPost saw the feature film in preview, on the big screen, during a special screening organized at the beginning of the month. or The Gray Man, taken from the eponymous novel, released in some American cinemas, it does not happen in France. Which is almost a shame given the plot of this spy thriller, whose potential lies almost exclusively in the spectacular action scenes.

So a unique one was shot in the streets of the Czech capital (as well as in the Place de la République), and watched, it must be said, with a skilled hand by the Russo brothers, experts in the field. their time at Marvel.

“Absolute chaos” on the streets of Prague

Explosive and epic as the character embodied by Ryan Gosling is surrounded by all aspects, the elaboration of which instead gives difficulties to the production teams.

“This is the most complex sequence in the film, requiring the coordination of hundreds of extras, vehicles, trams and all that stuff, with Prague Castle in the crosshairs,” Joe Russo explained in the production notes. in the movie. Check out this amateur video taken during filming:

“It’s a complete mess,” confides Anthony Russo. Chris Lowe [le directeur artistique]completely changed the place. Everything you see in the center of this square is built on production. It was mostly covered with grass when we took it ownership.”

And to determine, this time in a press conference where The HuffPost attended: “We need a large part of the city. The streak started in a big square, and continued the chase all the way to Prague, so it was very difficult.

The necessary presence of the tramway further complicates things, according to the filmmaker. “Like the part where Ryan is, to get the final result, we use a a real tram running through the streets of Prague, he said. We also made a bus that was designed exactly like a tram. Because we have to drive the car at a speed that it can’t normally go, on roads without rails.

That’s not all because the film crew also had an outdoor set available in another part of town, with another tram replica, static this time, that can still move and shake.

“Long-term process”, the sequence, although visually very impressive, is not only intended to impress. “This is an important part of the Gray Man. He is condemned to be alone. Part of the journey he makes in the film, of course, is to bond with others and hold those bonds,” wrote Anthony Russo.

“It felt like an important scene for us for that reason. Because, once again, the action allows us to explore an aspect of the character in such and such a context, then to see how the situation develops (…) A scene like this, we consider it a film in the film”, he continued. And Joe Russo in conclusion: “Currently, the citizens of Prague are divided between those who love us and those who hate us.”

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