Fuel: can used oils power our diesel cars?

In the Assembly, deputies approved the authorization of used cooking oils as fuel. (©stivog / Adobe Stock)

“Did you fill me up with your fries?” No, you won’t be overwhelmed by restaurateurs. On the contrary, used frying oil it may appear in our reservoirs.

Julien Bayou, ecologist deputy from Paris, filed an amendment to the law on purchasing power to allow the use of used cooking oils as fuel. An amendment was adopted in the early morning, this Friday, July 22. Like the purchasing power law.

The opportunity for balita.frwhile the text is still being debated in the Senate, to take stock of used oil as fuel.

A little elbow grease

If the change is passed, you should know that you cannot put the used oil directly in your tank. Currently, it is banned in France and this is considered a breach of custom. Only approved fuels are allowed.

Two, to use it as fuel, you must first pour it out, then strain.

This is what the Roule Ma Frite association, an ardent defender of oil as fuel, is committed to doing. The local branch of Île d’Oléron thus collects, in restaurants, campsites, village festivals, “used oil from fryers”.

“Then we empty it into big 1,000-liter bins”, explains the news.fr, Grégory Gendre, coordinator of Roule Ma Frite 17.

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Then there are two steps. First, decantation, where the oil is separated from the water. Then a filter, quite classic.

Gregory GendreRoule Ma Frite 17 Coordinator

If the “making” can be done in an artisanal way, there are more technical versions with greater results.

Not for all vehicles

The amendment filed by Julien Bayou, co-president of the environmental group of the National Assembly, specifies that “properly decanted and filtered, 10 liters of waste oil yields 8 liters of fuel, available in a mixture of up to 30% of old design diesel engines and up to 100% subject to certain adaptations”.

“It should be a diesel car, and an old model“, many Grégory Gendre who determined that some agricultural machines receive it. The website of the association determines that a particular injection pump is required. All the advice is also grouped in a dedicated site.

In 2007, 80% of the car fleet would receive it, now we are down to 5%.

Gregory GendreRoule Ma Frite 17 Coordinator

However, the coordinator of Roule Ma Frite indicated that with more technical settlement and filtering, the “new machines” will receive oil.

For their part, critics of this method believe that the oil will damage the engine.

A method of removing drains

“Unrecycled oils present the risk of clogging pipes and interruptions and increasing the cost of reprocessing wastewater in treatment plants”, Julien Bayou introduced in the presentation of his change.
By reusing used oil, Roule Ma Frite 17 makes it possible to avoid costs on the island of Oléron. “Before it cost 20,000 euros a year to remove the pipes, now we are at 6,000 euros a year.” Another benefit.

Julien Bayou focuses on an economic and ecological solution

In his amendment, Julien Bayou pointed out at least two benefits of this measure: ecological and economic.

This fuel emits up to 90% less greenhouse gas than conventional diesel, emits fewer particles and costs less than fossil fuels.

Julien BayouCo-president of the environmental group of the National Assembly

He also saw a way to recycle the many liters of oil used each year: “In France, 170 million liters of oil is used annually in catering and less than 25% is recycled and recovered. »

It therefore represents a very small amount of the approximately 37 million tons of road fuel used annually in France.

The law to buy power is mandatory, and while the price of fuel is still very high, there is an economic factor for the wallets of the French.

While diesel exceeds 2 euros per liter at the pump, this solution makes it possible to immediately ease the wallets of French men and women, limit pollution from diesel engines and reduce the country’s energy dependence.

Julien BayouCo-president of the environmental group of the National Assembly

What if it was a social project?

Grégory Gendre agreed that this solution would not meet France’s fuel needs. But the Roule Ma Frite coordinator saw another use for it.

If we improve, the deposit [de carburant, Ndlr] maybe put on public transport, like a social taxi, so that isolated people can, for example, go to the doctor or even for people who go to work.

Gregory GendreRoule Ma Frite 17 Coordinator

He demonstrated it: “A territory produces waste, this waste becomes a secondary material that serves the needs of this territory. » CQFD. And in this sense, the used oil as fuel has full meaning.

In addition, if everyone can make their fuel with oil, “contraband refineries can open”, according to Grégory Gendre. “The lawmaker has no traceability. »

Used collectively, oil can provide “solutions adapted to each territory”, assures Grégory Gendre, who now hopes that this amendment will be voted by the Senate.

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