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The Grand Prix of the City of Cabourg on Friday, July 22, 2022.

Direction to Cabourg on Friday, July 22, 2022, for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté almost all day. In this event, the Grand Prix de la Ville de Cabourg must compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2750 meters, and is endowed with 48,000 €.

In this event, Happy Valley (5) combined the top of his spring generation with flying colors, winning a group II for females only. He has not been seen since early May. The opportunity, without a doubt, to breathe life into it before the Critérium des 5 ans. It is well placed in the lead and has proven itself to the right. He’s back but worth the trust! The Frenchman (6) lost his stride when accelerating for his return climb. He never liked climbing. Previously, in Caen, we can expect better than his fourth place. He was a bit stuck. It needs an ideal course to set its top speed. The opposition is huge. His luck is secondary.

Geny’s secrets

Vitale Ciotola: Bilo Jepson (1) never goes all the way. We always hide. I can see it being good but Happy Valley is a punishment. You have to see it for a seat.

Antoine Lherete: Eawy d’Eole (2) could have claimed fourth place recently without a fault in the middle. I hit him on his hind legs and he was uncomfortable like that. His performance was very good especially since he was at a distance. In fact, he started in the first level but the opposition was different. He will try to grab a small place but not better.

Francois Lagadeuc: Sahara Jaeburn (3) I was really happy with his last outing in Enghien. This is a nice horse but you have to be careful with the volte. Then it’s pretty safe. The rope on the right is not a problem for him because I won with him in Cholet. Here, he has a good moment in mind. I think it takes some of the horses to be able to fight for success.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Aura Sl (4) discovers good commitment in the first degree. His last outing to climb Enghien was very good. It suits all tracks and racing conditions. He proved himself in the right hand. He will be barefoot from four feet this time. He can aim for the podium.

Mathieu Mottier: Fakir de Mahey (7) stays on two hits. It is in its season, because it likes sunny days. Here he will not have an easy​​​​ task, because it is a good field but he will have to compete for the first places. Since the track at Cabourg is less good than at Vincennes, I prefer to preserve his feet, so only his feet are tackled.

Luc Gaborit: De la Chenevière (8) made two mistakes last time, I’m not sure why. I think there is room to get the check after a good run. Then he drew a super straight line. Lately, things have not gone the right way. He was definitely out of margin and I needed him to reassure me a little. We are going to pretend but I really don’t know where I am.

Hughes Levesque: Iton’s favorite (9) was in the freshness last, during his return. He didn’t make an amazing straight line but backed up his effort to the end and performed well. A little better this time but not the same batch. If he’s really good, he could be in the top five, but nobody’s sure.

Adrian Pereira: Flower Ni Magalou (10) did well last time. Here, it is a good commitment but there is competition. He no longer has much of a margin in his victories. He needs a good route, hidden, to hope for something.

Pierre Houelle: Donuts Deladou (11) is in good form but it is complicated for him against the youngsters. We take advantage of the fact that we are not too far from a geographical point of view, especially in terms of income, this is a commitment that remains true. That said, it is certainly not an easy task. We are trying to help him with some good. We hope he will be better but, if he can finish fifth, it will be very good.

Louis Baudron: Faithful (12) struggled to take the final turn last time when he was well on his way. So we tried the right hand rope this time. In Bernay, on May 1, it was good on the right hand but on the grass, so on a slow track. I hope it goes well too. We save it for this great partnership.

Julien Le Mer: Douceur du Chêne (13) had some minor problems after returning to school in early June and didn’t do much for two weeks. He had work behind him for this little recovery. It likes the right hand and Cabourg suits it. I’m bringing her in from the start. Admittedly, it is complicated to make the distance but if he is brought back, he will not be able to hold a small place.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Victor Ferm (14) made a good run in La Rochelle and would have won if not for my wrong hand. He found his ideal level. He remains well. Although he is far away, he seems like a competitor to me at this level. He has no problem moving the right hand. I believe it. Fairplay d’Urzy (15) completed his spring breeding season. It’s time to get back to the competition. This is a comeback. It makes the distance and struggles to stand. If Eric Raffin is free, he could be with Saint-Malo in early August at GNT. Here, you have to watch him run.

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A summary: 5-4-1-7-3-14-6-12 The press summary: 1 – 5 – 7 – 4 – 15 – 3 – 6 – 14

Europe 1:7-5-6-3-4-1-14-2
The Parisian:
Paris Turf: 3-7-5-1-4-14-6-12

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