Top 35 funniest tweets about cats, furballs rule the roost

The news is full of cats today, especially after the release of the game stray, which is very successful now. We invite you today to pay tribute to our beloved little furballs, which sometimes makes our life difficult, but we can’t help but love unconditionally. So here, without further ado, top 35 tweets about our everyday feline companions.


My parents were robbed yesterday. A large rock was thrown to break a window in France. They stole my mom’s jewelry box. And you know what my mom said first?
“No, but they also threw the cat’s water bowl in the garden”

I’m dead

January 19, 2020


My cat plantation is progressing well, I’ll let you know

August 23, 2021


my mom had to weigh the cat to give her the right dose of medicine but between her head and the result I was crying for a quarter of an hour.

April 17, 2018


What I like most about my cat is the resting position.

July 9, 2019


The neighbors cats came into my living room to steal my carpet

May 23, 2020


no one else:

me with my cat:

January 2, 2021


My cat wants to join the apple pie

December 19, 2020


Me: I’m going to pee
My cat: We’re going to pee

June 18, 2020


“I don’t like spoiled children”

my cat:

September 30, 2020


My boyfriend deliberately encourages the cat to ride on his lap when he has a video of customers, so he increases his sympathy capital with them.
An evil genius.

January 14, 2022


How can you slim down a cat please??

December 17, 2020


If I “meow” and the cat answers me

August 2, 2020


I just heard a discussion with my father and the cat and he said “you won’t let me go outside where is your certificate”

March 17, 2020


If your cat is about to throw up

March 10, 2019


I took my cat to the vet to get vaccinated and he was moaning to death he was having a hard time and everything. I have known him for 6 years and I never suspected that he was antivax, like what.

November 19, 2021


My cat: meow

me: yes i know, i love you too!!!

my cat:

November 4, 2020


My cat used to put himself in there when he was little, just too much shit.

August 18, 2017


No, on the other hand, it is very disgusting.
I leave my plate for 2 poor minutes, I come back and I have to shout.
The cat climbed onto the table, ate part of my dish and then threw up the rest

May 27, 2020


There’s a wind that hurts the mind outside, I was shocked that my cat almost flew away. The less than 50kg will not come out you end up in Spain

February 9, 2020


When I got to my house, my mother told me “no, don’t sit on the cat sofa”… cat sofa?

December 25, 2021


HOT TIP FOR PEOPLE WITH CATS: your darlings might have a hard time dealing with the heat this season, so spread a wet towel on the floor so they don’t ignore it and sleep on the bed.

July 13, 2022


there is a cat, he has been camping in my garden for 4 months from 7am to 8pm to try and catch my cat and you think love is dead?

December 25, 2021


I gave Marius catnip for his birthday, he obviously got a kick out of it

July 15, 2022


Damn, I have a friend in his city, everyone knows him, he hit it hard, he has a bicrave and soon after he got married there, he didn’t just ask me to follow his instagram account that he created with his wife for their cat, their CAT, meow. meow

March 10, 2021


What a presence, how elegant.. it’s not your pet licking that hole

September 11, 2019


Always “meow meow” not “thank you for taking care of me here is the 50 € I found on the ground”

February 3, 2022


Another suicide orchid.

The cats are checking.

March 11, 2022


cats when vomiting:

July 4, 2022


the people who come to my house and blame my cats for going to the table or the kitchen table, who do you think? it’s theirs not yours

November 1, 2021


Standing cats fascinate me

January 7, 2022


Cats they break themselves into quagmires like that after they look at you in mode it’s your fault and you need to get them off

February 7, 2019


Mdrrr at the shelter the other cats call him El Chatpo

October 28, 2019


He has a game area next door that was bought and sold new at Cdiscount for 85€ but he doesn’t prefer to fuck himself in the mouth of another crocodile, what’s your problem cats?!

January 26, 2019


I’m crying wsh is the Uchiha cat or what? She absorbs the flame of her gaze like Amaterasu

November 26, 2020


We took the baby cats to our neighbor’s house.
I warned my boyfriend from the beginning that adopting one was out of the question. NOT YET!

So the kitten will come to our house in a month.

July 22, 2020

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