the Galtier method, the system, the competition with Bernat… the whole interview with Nuno Mendes

A good choice for the recruitment of PSG in 2021, Nuno Mendes (20) gave an interview to RMC Sport, this Friday in Japan, where he confessed his ambition to win everything and confirmed the method of Galtier, especially the new tactical scheme he appreciated. .

Nuno Mendes, how is the life of Christophe Galtier since his arrival?

It’s a good start, I think the coach came and imposed himself. We are on the right track, we have more time to work. At the moment, we are in Japan, then we will go to Israel (to compete in the Champions Trophy against Nantes, July 31 in Tel Aviv, editor’s note) and we have to give the maximum to be in top form.

What do you think of the new rules introduced by the staff?

This is normal. Every coach has his way of managing a team and the coach has his own way of managing the team. He knows what’s best for the team and we just have to execute. It is important to have rules because without rules it can be chaotic.

Do the players accept the staff’s desire to instill more discipline in the group?

We received well. This is the beginning, we are adapting to the coach’s demands. We have young players, everyone needs to work together with maximum concentration to prepare for the upcoming games.

The coach insisted on the idea of ​​happiness when he arrived. How do you rate the new exercises?

There is a very good dynamic, with good training, intensity, with maximum concentration of all the players. This will be important throughout the season. We are in all competitions, so we need it to represent PSG well.

“We love training, we laugh”

The group spread an impression of good humor during the training sessions…

Yes it’s normal, we all love the ball. Laughter is part of it, we love what we do. This is important. Yes, we love training, we laugh but sometimes there are players who get angry when they lose in training but that’s normal, it’s part of the game!

Juan Bernat has been training hard and seems to be in good shape after a season marred by injuries. Do you feel like a perfect starter as a left-back?

No, I train every day. I think there are few players who can say they have undisputed starting status at PSG. Because this is a team full of qualities, those who played from the beginning are like those who came back. There are many qualities and I do my job. Juan is a great player. We are all doing our job and it is up to the coach to choose who plays. If not one, the other can play and we have to be ready to come back.

What are your personal ambitions at the moment?

The goal is to keep improving. I was young, only 20 years old. I have to keep learning, there are many experienced players here who help me every day and I love to learn. I like to be attentive and take advantage of the moments that are here with my teammates and the coaches. The goal is to help PSG as much as possible in its goal. I think that’s my goal but it’s also with my colleagues and others come naturally.

On a collective level, will the Champions League be the priority that harms the championship this season?

No, our goal is to go as far as possible in competitions. In Ligue 1, I think the team should play every game and play every game as if it were the last. I think we have good progress and we intend to go far in all competitions. Going far is not what we want but we aim to win titles and we will do everything to get there.

“I’m almost certain that Mbappé will stay”

How did you experience the long soap opera of the future of Kylian Mbappé, which PSG finally expected?

We are happy, we know that Kylian really likes PSG. He’s been there for years and I don’t think he knows what his decision is. But I’m almost sure he’ll stay, he wants Paris Saint-Germain. He is a good player, he also likes to play with big people. We were so happy when we found out he was going to stay, we congratulated him.

How do you feel about the new 3-4-1-2 system put in place by Christophe Galtier where you play in a four-man environment?

I have played a year with this Sporting tactic. I got used to it and when I came here, we changed the system. Now we will play with three defenders again but we are not used to it yet. As we saw in the match (against Kawazaki), we are not in a good position in this system but we have time to work. It helped me a lot in the game, I’m an attacking player and I think it’s a good season and we will improve.

How do you feel about the Champions Trophy against Nantes?

It’s getting closer, there are a few days left to work until this match. We will work hard, concentrate. This is an important game, very difficult. It was a final and the finals won. Let’s start this match as the final. I think we are ready, we will prepare as much as possible to reach the highest level.

Interview by Arthur Perrot, in Tokyo

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