the anger of the president of Villefranche-Beaujolais, who wants to play L2

While Bordeaux feverishly awaits the decision of the CNOSF (French National Olympic and Sports Committee), the future of the Villefranche-Beaujolais club (National 1) is also suspended from the Girondins. The Ligue 2 championship continues in less than 10 days, and there is no guarantee that any team will participate. An unbearable situation for the president of the Rhone club, Philippe Terrier, who criticized the lack of fairness in the game. Maintenance.

Philippe Terrier, the CNOSF decision (about Bordeaux) will fall in the next hours, even in the next days, what do you expect from it?

Now, I am very worried about this decision. There are influences put in place. We are no longer in sporting fairness. DNCG has done their job properly. Bordeaux did not work well and DNCG elements were not brought in on time and now, every day, we learn something new. Either the DNCG is recognized and we consider that it has done its job correctly, or we think that the DNCG is useless, that we can pass it by saying anything, by bringing any document and after calling. If Bordeaux is fished out by CNOSF and the influence of the ministers, I think that will set a precedent. There is justice in the big players who go to hit where it should be, and the small clubs, who have done their job, we will not consider them. Villefranche will be the new Luzenac in 2022.

Precisely, you are talking about equity in sports. Do you think that Villefranche is not respected for its fair value or that Bordeaux is a big club that cannot be lost?

The media only talks about Bordeaux. We say very little about Villefranche, it is unacceptable. In fact, a budget like Bordeaux represents a 40-year budget for a club like Villefranche to take care of 650 licensees, 35 teams of children. We managed to do the job properly and there are people who managed to spend 120 million euros and be in the red at the end of the year, and are they the ones to fish? This is absolutely pathetic. Because in politics, they have support, because they have said everything about it. In the end, the rich will win and the poor will lose. Personally, I am appealing to the government. If we are not lucky enough to receive the minister, I ask that there be justice in this country. DNCG did their job well, they proved that Bordeaux didn’t do their job well. So we respect DNCG and FC Villefranche.

Earlier you talked about trying to protect yourself, how do you prepare? What arguments will you put forward?

We are not around Bordeaux, we are not coming with 50 lawyers, an armada of journalists, politicians. We are just a small club doing our job. Of course we will try to defend ourselves but we will never have the means to mobilize a big war. We just want fairness and let the powers that be in the game make the decision. It is up to the DNCG and the Federation to do this, not the politicians. I want to point out that in Bordeaux, the only person who has an intelligent word, and this is unbelievable, is Philippe Poutou who says that the politicians in Bordeaux have done anything wrong.

If the CNOSF decision is not favorable to Bordeaux, despite their possible appeal to the COMEX to the FFF and the administrative court, will you consider yourself in Ligue 2?

Sure! I would consider myself L2. I really want them to have recourse, to have all the powers, but at some point you have to slam your fist on the table and say enough is enough. There is a small club that has done their job. So okay, sportingly we missed the play-offs twice, but what we did with our resources was amazing. We need to recognize our sports qualities and management qualities. We must leave ourselves alone and let us work. Bordeaux may be at risk, but so are we. We don’t know what sponsors, coaches, players, future recruits will say. They put us in a dangerous situation. Bordeaux should do the job normally. The correct file must be presented to the DNCG on their second visit. They didn’t do it and suddenly we are told the stories of 14 million, that is not acceptable. Either they know how to do it, or they don’t know how to do it, and that’s it.

Arriving in Villefranche, according to the start of the N1 (mid-August) and L2 (July 30) championships, the preparation has changed. Finally, where are you?

The LFP reassured us by telling us that if we were drafted, we would definitely play the first two games without a loss. We have friendly matches today, with one player still injured against Grenoble. Our squad was so small that my coach told me he didn’t know if he could play with two more friends. With less damage, I can’t make a team.

And in terms of recruiting, which also changes depending on the division you play in, where are you?

We signed a lot of youngsters. We bet on young talent. Even if they can’t claim to start L2, they can show. In any case, they are there to compose the group and why not help our reserve to climb to the National 3. At the last moment, we will make players who believe in our project and can be included in the team.

You have chosen the Jean-Laville stadium in Gueugnon as your home stadium, yours is not approved for L2. There is a visit scheduled for the second half of July for approval, is it progressing?

Now that the Federation comes to approve all the work done. You should know that the work is taken at our expense. Gueugnon wants to do us a favor but the cost is at our expense. So we spend money without knowing whether it will be used for something or not. We walk on the head.

How do you see the future? Would you like more clarification?

I can’t even imagine not being in Ligue 2. It’s impossible for the Federation to put itself in such a ridiculous situation. I don’t see how DNCG is accepted. Nevertheless Bordeaux took the liberty of criticizing the work of the DNCG. When I saw that, I said to myself that these people allow themselves impossible things. For me, we are in Ligue 2, it is very clear, it cannot be otherwise.

So you continue to blur, it’s hard to project yourself?

Although we have been tense for the past few hours, the group is strong. We have the resources to bounce back in time. The LFP can be proud to have saved Villefranche and we will show that we have our place in L2.

Interview with Yulian Boubnov

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