Start with Bosch FreshUp: an atypical and effective clothes freshener


In 2022, Bosch innovated a product that could not be more atypical: a new pocket garment designed to eliminate unpleasant odors from textiles. We spent a month with FreshUp, here are our impressions.

Recently, we have received many devices intended to delay the washing of clothes. After LG’s and Samsung’s respective Stylers (these versatile wardrobes used to refresh clothes), here is the new UFO in the linen care sector. We owe this innovation to Bosch which, with its FreshUp, offers cooler clothes in the pocket! Nothing more difficult than a pair of glasses inside it, FreshUp follows us everywhere we go for a month.

FreshUp is suitable for most fabrics.

So we subjected it to several olfactory tests, including: a move, two “frying parties”, four summer nights and a dozen sports sessions in the middle of all this trouble ( yes, yes).

A nomadic and autonomous device

Designed to accompany the user wherever he goes, Bosch FreshUp is above all a nomadic product. This small device is only 16 cm wide and 6 cm high, it weighs 200 g, which is smaller than a large smartphone. Once stored in its travel case, it can easily be confused with a sunglasses case. Kept empty in a particularly cluttered handbag, confusion is not uncommon.

Its use is greatly simplified because it has only one button used to turn it on. Under FreshUp, we can see the action zone of the plasma with a width of only 5 cm. Just slide it on the part to be treated, use light pressure to trigger the ionization process and eliminate odors. Most fabrics are compatible with FreshUp: cotton, wool, polyester, cashmere, linen, silk. However, Bosch advises not to use its refresher on certain materials such as leather, fur (natural or synthetic) or even on pieces with many decorations (pearls, sequins, sequins, etc. ).

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The FreshUp runs on a Li-ion battery and, according to the spec sheet, its runtime is up to 60 minutes from a four-hour charge. Good point, Bosch chose a universal charger, with a USB cable – Micro USB, which avoids the multiplication of useless shots that break the cupboards.

Plasma to break up odor molecules

The innovation of FreshUp lies in its technology without detergent and steam to refresh the linen and therefore plasma technology is preferred. Thank you for its impact, “Charged particles through ion separation dissolve the bonds of an odorant molecule“, says the manufacturer. This method also makes it possible to destroy many pathogens (viruses and bacteria), which is not a small property in these pandemic times.

Bosch FreshUp

Bosch FreshUp uses plasma technology.

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As the plasma spreads its effect, FreshUp’s LEDs glow purple. For this, it is necessary that the lower surface is in contact with the linen. If the LEDs are white, the device is ready for use.

Amazing results

For our test, FreshUp closely followed the adventures of some people on the team, starting with the difficulty of moving to writing in Digital, in the middle of a heat wave. After many fillings and lifting boxes, the device passed the first test: to remove a cotton t-shirt from the smell of sweat. There is no recommended duration of use and the process should be continued as long as the odor persists. Three round trips of the cloth are enough to get rid of the wounded smell. To our surprise, it was replaced by another not so attractive: a chemical smell, similar to that found in a laundry. And the least we can say is that it is durable and hangs on the fabric in about 30 minutes. The result is as effective as cigarette smells: the plasma succeeds in eliminating the smell of tobacco with ease, continuing to spread its strong smell.

Bosch FreshUp

The tool is also suitable for upholstery.

We have more fear of frying smells, which resist even after many hours of ventilation. And this fragrance causes the most trouble for refreshment. We had to iron the cardigan five or six times per side with the appliance to deodorize the linen. In fact, afterwards, the cloth still smelled a little of the smell of grit mixed with the plasma delivered. After about thirty minutes of rest, the two mixed smells disappeared, and we finally caught our breath.
Finally, we subjected FreshUp to contact a (synthetic) sports t-shirt that absorbed the sweat of a cyclist from the editorial staff (who traveled 13 km under the burning sun) and the result was once again there is no appeal, the smell of the sweat is completely gone.


If that is not clear, it should be clarified that FreshUp is limited to fragrances and it is not about washing clothes. In fact, plasma cannot do anything against stains, even light and not very encrusted. However, its effectiveness is that it can delay the laundry washing sessions and as everyone knows, the number of washes changes the quality of the fabrics. In this, FreshUp won its daring bet.

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