Seven to eight ‘12,000 euros per week’, ‘Vomiting’: a report on holidays in the Landes angered internet users

Summer vacation has begun for many French people. The TF1 channel decided, for others, to send them on a journey. This time, the teams of the first channel remained in the national territory. In “Seven to Eight Life”, which aired this Sunday, July 10, viewers are immersed in the heart of a region that attract more tourists. With family, friends or even as a couple, the Landes coast has become “French California”. The views will make you dream. Not to mention that this place is accessible to all budgets. In fact, there is something for everyone, those who love surfing, those who like to party or those who love nature and miles of beaches.

A shocking report

For this report, “Seven to eight” teams are of particular interest to many holidaymakers. But then what netizens are most shocked. This is an order in particular, indeed.

As the report’s voice-over explains, the Landes highly valued by a wealthy client. In addition, many villas are created to meet all expectations. But, these dream houses meant only for the rich for their holidays. And for good reason. In fact, to benefit from renting one of these villas for a week, you need to pay an average amount of 12,000 euros. Upon knowing this price, many netizens were shocked. For Twitter users, this report is just “indecent”..

On the coast of Landes, there is noble villas, but also luxury campsites where prices go up for a long time. 16 kilometers from Hossegor is the largest 5-star resort in France. The Old Port offers all kinds of services, but also accommodation. If the price of the “simple” caravan reaches 525 euros per week, the richest will cost 5600 euros to live seven days in a VIP mobile home. Faced with these “bad” prices for a week at the campsite, Internet users once again expressed their surprise.

“€12,000 a week is fine 🤭 #septahuit”, “This report is very shocking and its friqué people when the majority of French people have difficulty with inflation…”, “This ” surprised” me more than the house for 12,000 € . “, “#SeptAHuit So, even if it is not top-top, he made the campsite not to be despised… Therefore, the influencer is not reliable! “, can we read on Twitter .

A revelation with the effect of a bomb

The matter did not end there. with attract more holidaymakers, the Lafitte brothers, at the head of this luxury campsite, called influencers. Among them, one of them, a single mother of two children, was privileged to stay a week without pay. His only counterpart is of course sharing the content of his social networks, without embarrassing the campsite.

So he was accommodated in a mobile home that cost 3,500 euros per week. it the revelation was too much for internet users. Others insist on remembering that a single mother cannot afford to spend 3500 euros for a week at the campsite. While others deplore this habit “vomiting” as “the French have to work all year” to have a vacation.

The least we can say is that this report on “seven eight” disliked by all. And because of the current situation, ie inflation and rising prices, many are hurt.

“How do you know that a campsite is bad: an influencer must advertise it! », « The influencer who has his week in the luxury campsite for 3500 € offered while people can’t go on vacation », « #septahuit well yes know we are single mothers we have 3000 balls to put in a WEEK of CAMPING vacation ahaha!!!! “, confessed some Internet users.

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