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Exactly one year after the release of its Enigma, Lelo is back with an evolution of its double stimulator, this time in a version equipped with Cruise Control technology.

Instead of choosing between external and internal clitoral stimulation, more and more brands are now offering sex toys that do it all. In terms of Wow Tech, the Womanizer Duo has been playing the role since 2019. For Lelo, we had to wait until last year to discover the Enigma, which returns this year in a new improved version, equipped with Cruise Control technology. Behind its alien design, will the device blow us away? We did the test.

Design and ergonomics: we call it UFO

Delivered in a beautiful black box, the Lelo Enigma Cruise opts for a design part for part identical to the first model. The brand has for several years chosen not to vary the evolutions of its products, which does not help the readability of the catalog.

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However, the Enigma Cruise stands out. First by its curves: with the shape of the question mark, the device questions, and unlike anything else on the market. Offered in a black or pink all-silicone coating and topped with a large chrome-plated ABS plastic plate, the sex toy doesn’t rely on discretion at alland will not be noticed.

Upon closer inspection, however, we realize that the forms of the Enigma Cruise are not fully realized: the Swedish brand is particularly inspired by its contactless stimulator Zone 2, to add a flexible branch dedicated to the internal stimulation of the G-zone. On the sidelines of its piercing part of 14 cm and 3.5 cm in diameter, there is a hollow head, designed to stimulate the 8000 nerve endings of the external clitoris thanks to its SenSonic’s signature technology.

As with all Lelo products, there are three buttons to control the device: while the central one allows power, the (+) and (-) provide navigation between intensities and modes. At this level, there is nothing new: Lelo has established itself over the years as a champion of ergonomics, and nothing is left to chance: the buttons are perfectly positioned under the fingers, and the brand pushes the definition of detail to ensure that the (+) is visible above the sex toy when it is used. This may be a detail, but in reality it is rarely the case with the competition, which keeps breaking the controls. We also appreciate the ability to lock the deviceideal for vacation or avoiding an impromptu start of a bag.

Enigma Cruise by Lelo sextech zoom
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If the particular design of the Enigma Cruise may surprise, it shines as much in its originality as in its finish. More than ever, Lelo claims its high-end position, and justifies its price: for more than 200 €, the sex toy borders on perfection. I wonder if it really works.

Double motivation: watch your eyes

With a flexible arm designed to stimulate the G-zone, the Lelo Enigma Cruise succeeds where many others have failed, by offering a effective dual stimulation, able to adapt to most morphologies. Because it is usually at this point that things become complicated: every body is different, and it is often difficult to succeed in making a device flexible enough to fit the largest volume, while remaining rigid enough to allow effective internal stimulation. . Here, it is flawless, the internal branch of the Enigma Cruise finds its place perfectly once inserted. Its design is definitely not left to chance, to the point of allowing hands-free use.

Enigma Cruise by Lelo sextech
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Who says double boost logically says double motor. While the outer part of the Enigma Cruise delivers powerful non-contact SenSonic waves, the inner part delivers powerful low frequency vibrations. Surprisingly, Lelo doesn’t see fit to opt for different orders. So it is impossible to start both motors independently. to focus only on internal or external stimulation. At this point, we understand Lelo’s ambition to offer complete stimulation of the internal (G area) and external clitoris, especially since the result is particularly conclusive. However, at €219, we might want a little more.

In use, Enigma Cruise can impose itself as one of the best sex toys we’ve ever tried. Can be used without hands, its effectiveness is terrible, and this is also one of the points that can be criticized for it: unlike Sila Cruise, which promotes relaxation and slowness, Lelo’s double stimulator is straight to the point. The device’s eight vibration modes ensure orgasms in seconds for sensations as deep as they are intense.

Be careful though: if it is undeniably very effective, we do not recommend it for the first sex toy. First, because its flexible branch is not very big, but it can be impressive, even with a good dose of lubricant. Then because as we said above, Enigma Cruise is straight to the point, and maybe not suitable for the most sensitive clitoris.

Cruise Control: the detail that changes everything

Cruise Control technology is not new to Lelo, as it has been found in the new generations of Sona and Sila stimulators. Far from anecdotal, the functionality makes it possible to “to prevent” the Enigma of reserves 20% more power during orgasm. Specifically, excessive intensity is triggered when the device is tightly pressed against the body. The insurance promises the mark, in an orgasm without loss of speed.

Details of Enigma Cruise Lelo
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Keep in mind, however, that if the Enigma Cruise’s integrated technologies make it an incredible sex toy, it’s more than just designed for solo use. Unlike most non-contact stimulators, Lelo’s double sex toy leaves little room for a potential partner.

Price and availability

On sale since June 2022, the new Enigma Cruise by Lelo is offered for €219 on the brand’s official website and at most retailers. A considerable budget, for a luxurious stimulator that fulfills all its promises.

Discover the Enigma Cruise on the Lelo website

219 €

Enigma Cruise Lelo

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