Never-before-seen video shows Trump struggling to rehearse speech after Capitol attack

He corrects, sheds, doubts, launches, continues. At the end of the eighth session, held on Thursday, the parliamentary commission of inquiry about the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 released an unusual video. It shows Donald Trump’s difficulties in recording his speech after the riots.

“I can’t say that… Can we take it?” In this video broadcast Thursday on American television, we will discover Donald Trump, who was already beaten by Joe Biden a few weeks ago but is still President of the United States in office, repeating the speech he will give on January 7. He must to react, the day after the invasion of the Capitol – seat of the American Congress in Washington – by his supporters. And, from hesitation to correction, the exercise apparently presented many difficulties for him.

The opening of this unpublished document to the general public is within the framework of the work of the parliamentary commission of inquiry aimed at shedding light on this attack on January 6, 2021. At the end of Thursday’s session, their eighth session in the space of six weeks and the second broadcast on television, the elected members of the commission also issued a joint declaration. They believe that the former President of the United States “failed in his duty” in this historic situation and that those responsible for the event “including the White House, must be held accountable”.

A political reading

Established a year ago, the group of parliamentary investigators had time to listen to more than 1,000 testimonies and produce about 120,000 documents. And among them: Donald Trump’s attempts to speak in front of the camera. The difficulties encountered by the American president in controlling him speech beyond anecdote. Because if some differences between the official video and these first attempts are only semantic, others invite a more political reading.

Therefore, in the official video, released on January 7, 2021, Donald Trump assured: “A new administration will be sworn in on January 20. I am now trying to ensure a smooth, orderly and smooth transfer of power . This moment calls for healing and restoration.” A way to acknowledge, without saying, Joe Biden’s victory.

But behind the scenes, shared by the commission of inquiry, showed him to be less conciliatory: “‘The election is behind us. The results are confirmed’… I don’t want to say ‘the election is behind us’, I’m just saying that Congress validated the results without saying that the election is behind us, okay?” We then hear the voice of his daughter, Ivanka – who we know does not agree with the father’s refusal to admit the results of the ballot – suggests: “You can say: ‘Now that it has been validated in Congress …’.

Double deal

Other times double-barrel. As he began weeks ago in a long rush, from challenge to challenge, Donald Trump stumbled on the word “PAST“(“yesterday”, in French): “‘PAST‘, it’s hard for me to say. remove me’PAST‘ because it doesn’t work for others.”

The teleprompter also annoyed him. In fact, he didn’t know if he should read “challenge“(challenge) or”parade“Protesters who entered the Capitol called for a siege… No, what is defiled is ‘defiled’? I can’t see well… No, no, I will manage it”, he testified to the crowd. The last sentence was as follows: “The demonstrators who entered the Capitol defiled the headquarters of American democracy. .”

A fall report

The video of these rehearsals ends with an amazing final sequence. While he only had to swear that “(his) sole purpose is (s)’ to ensure the integrity of the votes”, Donald Trump soaped up several times, to the point that the head of state hit his desk.

And the parliamentarians may not be at the end of their revelations, nor the Americans in their discoveries around this mess, symbolic of the messy end of Donald Trump’s order. The commission of inquiry announced that it will hold new hearings in September with a view to submitting its report later in the fall.

Robin Verner BFMTV journalist

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