Live – Sweden-Belgium: the Swedes clinched qualification for the semi-finals in extremis

Sweden qualified in extremis!

Done! The Swedes clinched qualification against the brave Belgians. Semprant gave his team the victory in the last seconds of the match. They will face England in the semi-finals.

Semprant released Sweden

After another save from Evrard at a corner, the ball bounced back to the foot of Swedish defender Semprant who pushed into the back of the net. Blagults delivered.

three more minutes

Three extra minutes will be played in this game. Still no goal.

Asllani’s strike escaped the frame

The Swedish midfielder tried again to worry Evrard but his long shot missed the target.

New change for Belgium

The Red Flames made the second substitution of this fixture with Biesmans’ exit replaced by Missipo.

The Biesmans returned to the field

Return of the Biesmans to the field after the latter had to leave the field after the intervention of the doctors.

Change for Sweden

First change from the Swedish side with the entry of 19-year-old midfielder Bennison who replaces Angeldal.

The area around Biesmans is almost covered in fields

Red Flames midfielder Biesmans is on the ground receiving treatment.

Dhont tried his luck

On a good deep ball, Dhont took his chance on the first goal and tried to surprise Lindahl. His shot ended up in the small nets of the Swedish cages.

7500 people attended the match

The crowd for this quarter-final fell to Wigan. 7,500 spectators packed the stands at Leigh Sports Village.

The tone rose between Asllani and Biesmans

After a fight between the two players, Asllani and Biesmans had a mild argument. The referee comes to sort things out.

The Belgians continued against

The Swedes dominated but exposed themselves on the counter-attack. De Caigny lacked clarity after a good quick sequence from his team.

Amazing save by Evrard

Nicky Evrard saved his team again. Blackstenius delivered a good header from close range but the Red Flames goalkeeper made another outstanding save. This is his seventh game.

Asllani enlarged the frame

In a center at the far post, Asllani was on the fallout and took the ball with a header but it escaped the Belgian frame.

First game changer

Ives Serneels was the first to make a change in this encounter. The Belgian coach brought Dhont instead of Deloose.

21 shots to 2

This statistic shows how much the Swedes dominate the game. The Scandinavians fired 21 times while their opponents only tried their luck twice.

Again Angeldal and again Evrard

It is certain that both players have all the shots in this quarter-final. Angeldal took his chance again from outside the area but Evrard was still on the trajectory and got the ball.

Angeldal is worried about Evrard

Swedish midfielder Angeldal concerned Evrard with a long shot that landed on top of the Belgian cages.

It’s game time

While the hour mark was just reached in this quarter-final, neither team could find fault despite Sweden’s dominance.

Some mistakes in the Swedish game

The Swedes lacked the technical precision in the final meters to worry, again, Nicky Evrard.

What Swedish dominance

Sweden’s dominance in this meeting became more obvious and the Belgians were really asphyxiated from the start of this second action.

The bar for Illestedt

What a great opportunity for the Blagults. Illestedt put in a header that was lobbed by Evrard but ended up on the bar. The assistant referee finally raised his flag for an offside position.

Philtjens missed his head

The Red Flames came out in this second period for the first time. Deloose crossed at the far post for another Belgium full-back, Philtjens, who missed his header.

Evrard stops a volley from Rolfo

The FC Barcelona winger volleyed the first attempt but the ball ended up racing to Nicky Evrard’s well-placed gloves.

The Belgian defense has been used

A few seconds into the second period and the Belgians were back in their cages and had to defend.

It’s back to Wigan

Let’s go to the second stage of this Sweden-Belgium, third quarter-final of this Euro 2022. At the moment, the Swedes are dominating but still haven’t scored.

The first episode is over

Kateryna Monzul ends the first act. The Swedes dominated but did not open the scoring against Belgium. Blackstenius scored but his goal was disallowed due to an offside position.

one more minute

One more minute to play in this first period.

Pretty high center Bjorn

Bjorn tries to find Asllani at the far post but his cross is a bit high.

The rain is back

While it had stopped since the start of the meeting, the rain returned to Wigan.

Lindahl raised her fist

After several interventions by Evrard, Lindahl finally had the chance to imitate him. The Swedish goalkeeper punched past Cayman who was well placed.

Evard has four stops

Belgium goalkeeper Nicky Evrard made four saves as the first half drew to a close.

Save the line

With a ball deflected off Sembrant’s knee, De Caigny saved his team from a header as Evrard was beaten.

Philtjens was warned

Second yellow card for Belgium. Philtjens was warned and suspended for a possible semi-final.

Evrard saved the Belgians

After a scramble a few centimeters from the Belgian goal line, Evrard finally got hold of the ball. What a great opportunity for Scandinavians.

Great pressure in the Belgian cages

The Belgian cages were surrounded by the Swedes trying to make up the difference before half time.

The beautiful Belgian action

Great attack by the Red Flames that ended with an off-frame strike from Vanhaevermaet.

End of first half hour

The first half hour of this third quarter-final between Sweden and Belgium is over. The Swedes largely dominated the meeting but still did not get the advantage.

The goal is forbidden

After VAR intervention, Blackstenius’ goal was disallowed for an offside position.

The Swedes opened the scoring

Blackstenius took the depth and served well before fooling Evrard perfectly with an unstoppable flat foot. Sweden logically opened the scoring.

Bjorn took his shot too far

After a corner at the far post, Bjorn took the lead. This attempt was blocked and returned to the feet of the attacking Swede but missed the target.

Great atmosphere in Wigan

Even though the nets were still intact, the supporters lining the stands at Leigh Sports Village were buzzing.

What a move from Asllani

The Swedish captain made a great subtle bridge to Cayman who fell backwards after this excellent move from Asllani.

The first box

The Ukrainian referee warned the Biesmans for a foul in midfield.

Four shots to the left

Sweden’s dominance is realized at the level of statistics. The Scandinavians fired four times against zero for the Red Flames.

What a stop from Everrard

The Belgian goalkeeper made an excellent stop as Ilestedt produced a fine header at the far post. Evrard won both periods in his penalty area. The Belgians dominated.

Big chance for Angeldal

Angeldal again had a great chance to unblock the situation. In the first Belgian defensive error, the Swedes almost took advantage of it but the Swedish midfielder, alone at the penalty spot, took his shot too far.

The Belgians are disciplined

From the start of this match, the Belgians were quite disciplined and very strict in countering Sweden’s attacks.

The Red Flames secure a corner

After a good offensive sequence, the Belgians got their first corner of the game.

Angeldal lit the first wick

The first strike of this meeting was the exploitation of Angeldal who allowed himself a full axis breakthrough before striking. Evrard was cautious and pushed back into a corner.

The Swedes insisted on the right flank

At the moment, it is the right side that is favored in the series of attacks in Sweden. Belgian side Philtjens is now in high demand.

The Belgians were the first to attack

Although the Swedes pressed hard, Belgium were able to come out and embed themselves in the opposing half of the field and in the area. Eriksson intercepts a cross.

The Swedes pressed on

From the first minutes of this meeting, the Swedes decided to press very high.

From Wigan

Kateryna Monzul started this penultimate quarter-final of Euro 2022 between Sweden and Belgium.

Kick-off in about ten minutes

The kick-off for this third quarter-final of this Euro 2022 will be given in about ten minutes now.

The results of direct confrontations

There have only been two direct confrontations between these two formations in the entire history of women’s football. Both happened in 2009 and both were won by the Swedes 2-1 and 4-1.

The winner of this match will meet England

The winner of this third quarter-final will face England in the semi-final. The English beat Spain after extra time (2-1) and tonight’s game will be closely watched.

Good night everyone

Good evening everyone and welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow the penultimate quarter-final of this Euro 2022 between Sweden and Belgium live.

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