A waiter pays the bill for a grieving old woman, the sequel restores the faith of mankind!

During his usual grocery shopping at the corner, this young waiter saw a woman who didn’t look good. In fact, the latter looked depressed. But while other customers passed by him even looking at him, the waiter change things. So, the boy decided to go see the old woman, to talk to her and thus offer her his help. He was far from imagining that this act of kindness for his part will be well rewarded. We tell you everything here!

An altruistic server

Many believe in Karma. This force can do good things to good people and vice versa to bad people. This server has tasted it. In fact, this way of thinking wants every work to be rewarded. Well, his day was. We meet many people every day, but never know what they are going through. Maybe someone you once helped or spoke well of restored liver of lifeor that you have glows his day. A kind word, a help, it costs nothing but it brings a lot. We can always choose to do good or bad, and this server chose good.

Ordinary races

This server is called Kasey Simmons who lives in Little Elm, Texas in the United States. He was a waiter at a restaurant called Applebee’s. While shopping, in 2016, he went to his usual supermarket, Kroger. But that day, he had an experience that he is not ready to forget. While waiting to be cashed, the waiter saw an old lady. This girl doesn’t look like much, with a look moody. But even though everyone saw it, no one paid attention to it.

So the 32-year-old waiter decided to be kinder than others. He stated “I noticed that there was a woman in front of me. He looks like he’s crying because sometimes he looks at me”. But the young man confirms that in this woman, there is something that makes him want to make her happy, not to leave her like this. Then the young man approached the woman and said to her “It’s not raining inside. There is no reason to be so humble. I am sure you have a beautiful smile because you are a beautiful woman”.

A successful attempt

But his attempt to make this woman smile again did not work at all. He seemed to be ignored. But strong in determination, the young man wanted to please this woman. So the waiter decided to pay the woman’s purchases, hoping to make her happy. In fact, it was clear that the woman was having a bad day and that the lack of smile was clearly from that. He says “It used to be only $17, but not about the money. It’s about showing someone you care“. After a long fight, the young man finally got a smile from this girl. And so before leaving, he left the woman a menu at his restaurant and went to work.

A rough day on the server

The waiter was working late that day and had a bad day. In fact, everyone does not do as he wants to work, the customers are not particularly pleasant, the waiter’s life what. A woman named Kasey informed the waiter that she was running late. The young man replied that he could only serve it for 45 minutes. He also offered the drinks, which was the entire order. But then the server seemed to come back with a check for 65 cents for the flavored water, what is the cheapest. The client asked for it to tip the young man.

When Simmons brought the bill the woman asked him to split it between two credit cards. Surprised at this request, he declared “I think he is [la cliente] want to see if I’m a really nice guy or fake nice. The truly kind share and bring the bill to the woman”. But when the waiter returned to the table he saw that a tip of $500.37 was left.

And on the napkin there was something written “On behalf of the Sullivan family, I want you thanks to be the person you are. One of these days most depressed of the year (the 3 year anniversary of my father’s death), you made my mother’s day beautiful. she smiling because you did what you did.”

As in, kindness always pays!

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